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Accenture and HPE Go Vertical with Cloud


Collaboration workloads are obvious winners of the early eras of Cloud Computing. But, specialty clouds will evolve soon to underpin business processes, not IT. This will be a massive shift mirroring the business process transformation movement of the 90s.

While horizontal in design, specialty clouds will be vertically aligned, such as:

• Product information synchronization
• Condition-based maintenance for energy
• Remote healthcare automation
• Automotive floorplan financing
• Live event management and hospitality

Accenture-logo-1024x768.pngIt takes matching hybrid cloud technology with emphasis on security and efficiency to make this work. It will also take deep business process subject matter expertise and 24x7 operational support. This is why HPE and Accenture have joined forces to bring hybrid clouds to speed, secure, and streamline business processes, many of which are increasingly dynamic, fed by connected devices, and directly interacting with end customers and consumers.

Check out Accenture talks about partnership with HPE Cloud discussing the role of hybrid clouds and their views on why they choose HPE Helion as the cloud platform. The Accenture Dealer Management Solution for manufacturers is one of the earliest examples, proving to eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and delays in infrastructure deployment. Accenture delivers these solutions as a flexible, consumption based cloud service operating out of Accenture’s global data centers.

Built on open source and open standards, HPE Helion gives Accenture the ability to deliver a public-cloud like experience (scalability, programmability, availability) but delivered in Accenture data centers and managed by Accenture, ensuring high security and high service level commitments. Accenture overlays its business process and vertical expertise. In this case, HPE and Accenture can help manufacturers and their dealer networks Accelerate Next. One business process down, a thousand more to go.

But, most importantly, the cloud conversation is shifting from IT to business process. From compute and storage, to percentage improvements in business performance and customers satisfaction. A world of specialty, industry and vertical clouds is right upon us.


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