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All Things Azure at HPE Discover London


In just a few weeks, the HPE team will arrive in London with fantastic content to educate our customers on not only current technology but also coming solutions. We have received a great deal of interest in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack and will certainly have sessions in place to provide an opportunity for attendees to learn more and get questions answered.

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T11773 How to improve your enterprise’s use of public cloud with HPE Managed Services for Microsoft Azure
Tuesday, November 29, 2016                     11:30 – Noon

Is managing and integrating your IT services with your Microsoft® Azure public cloud services more complex and time consuming than you initially anticipated? Are you finding it difficult to migrate workloads to the public cloud? Learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services can help you better position Azure in your hybrid cloud strategy, control your public cloud consumption, speed up workload migration to the Microsoft Azure public cloud and increase the benefits for your organization.

DF12121 Connect Tech Forum, from automation to Docker and Azure, a practical guide to build your cloud journey
Wednesday, November 30, 2016              11:30 – Noon

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the need for infrastructure that’s faster and lighter on its feet. The C-Suite is looking for IT to be a catalyst for change, not a constraint. Your business is looking for public-cloud-like convenience and speed, things you, as IT Director, will be hard-pressed to provide with incremental changes. Through a company assessment, you will learn how to start your cloud journey and discover the route to Hybrid IT through practical use cases.

T12034  The Digital revolution begins by moving to hybrid cloud, achieve success with HPE, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack
Wednesday, November 30, 2016              12:30 – 13:00

An imperative for CIOs is having a robust hybrid cloud strategy that, when implemented, delivers “hybrid cloud nirvana,” protecting longstanding investments in the data center while flexing the muscles of public cloud. According to 451 Research’s “Voice of the Enterprise, Cloud Computing,” by 2018, 56% of all apps will be cloud based. Join us to explore what HPE and Microsoft® offer for hybrid cloud, and learn the role services organizations play on the hybrid cloud team. Come and see hybrid from a different angle.

TB12098 Transform your business with Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud
Wednesday, November 30, 2016              16:30 – 17:30

Have you considered how the cloud can transform your business? If yes, then attend this session to receive an overview of Microsoft® Azure, including discussions on the business benefits and technology investments, as well as demonstrations. You will also discuss how Azure Stack will enable you to achieve the benefits of the cloud in a hybrid scenario.

BB11865 Why choose between the security and control on-premises IT of the agility and economics of public cloud?
Wednesday, November 30, 2016              16:30 – 17:30

HPE customers have found that they don’t have to make the difficult choice between cloud and on-premises IT. They have also found that they can control the right mix for their hybrid infrastructure, they can move to consumption-based payments for IT in their data center and they can scale quickly to meet changing business demands. HPE Flexible Capacity provides the agility and economics of cloud coupled with the security and control of on-premises IT, and it can include certain Microsoft® Azure services to create a hybrid experience.

BB12113 Take the hybrid cloud journey with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Thursday, December 1, 2016                       9:30 – 10:30

Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have teamed up to offer HPE Azure Stack, private cloud software built on the best-selling server, HPE ProLiant DL 380, empowering organizations to access Microsoft Azure public and private cloud services. Rapidly provision cloud resources, build applications and easily move them between Azure public cloud and Azure Stack running on-premise. Come to this session to learn about our joint hybrid IT vision, the new HPE Azure Stack solution and the assets to enable you to move to a multi-cloud environment.

DF11851 HPE and Microsoft Azure, from data center to cloud native
Thursday, December 1, 2016                       11:30 – 12:00

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has 30+ years’ experience working with Microsoft® technologies, including Microsoft Azure. During this session, you’ll learn how HPE can help you plan your move to Microsoft Azure, integrate your environment with Microsoft Azure, identify workloads that should move to Microsoft Azure and define the skills and technologies required to build cloud-native applications in a Microsoft Azure world

T11042 Enabling hybrid cloud with HPE and Microsoft Azure Stack
Thursday, November 1, 2016                      11:30 – 12:00

Microsoft® Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform that enables the delivery of Azure services from your data center. Today, HPE is one of Microsoft's few certified hardware partners for Azure Stack. HPE offers a compelling set of hyperconverged and composable platforms to support Infrastructure as a Service in Azure Stack, along with HPE OneView and composable API management. This presentation has details about HPE and Microsoft’s joint Azure Stack offerings in hardware architecture, hybrid cloud use cases and key program milestones.


DEMO 416  HPE and Microsoft Azure Stack solution

Run Microsoft® Azure services in your data center with HPE integrated solutions. HPE offers integrated private cloud solutions for Microsoft Azure Pack and Azure Stack. Come by and see how HPE has co-engineered a new hybrid cloud platform with Microsoft.

DEMO 612 HPE Operations Bridge Suite, using a single pane of glass to accelerate operations

With HPE Operations Bridge, operators can focus on issues through a business lens. Come see how the solution consolidates IT data from existing third-party tools into a single pane of glass to accelerate root cause analysis and automate remediation. Learn how HPE Operations Bridge applies big data analytics and multi-mode correlation to massively reduce event volumes, offering 72X faster MTTR. See how we monitor hybrid IT such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack and Docker, and experience the real-time, tablet-ready executive Business Value Dashboard.

DEMO 404 Managed Services and brokerage for Public Cloud

As enterprises seek to adopt a more flexible, hybrid approach for IT services, they are extending into public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Visit this demo to learn how HPE Managed Services for public cloud enable you to easily consume, broker and manage IaaS services, driving benefits from a flexible consumption model for IT and supporting the use of PaaS services and the development of cloud-native applications.

If you still need to register for the event in London, click here. For more details on HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution, check out these articles:


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