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Analyst reaction to HPE’s SimpliVity acquisition



The planned acquisition of SimpliVity by Hewlett Packard Enterprise has analysts in the IT industry weighing in on its impact and potential benefits to the hyperconverged community and customers. Below, check out a snapshot of what some analysts have said since the planned acquisition was announced:

Forrester.JPG“It’s probably the smartest acquisition that HPE has done in its entire history,” said Richard Fichera, Infrastructure & Operations Professionals analyst for Forrester. “The fit with HPE for SimpliVity’s solution is impressive because SimpliVity’s product has a very rich set of storage functions which will be attractive to many of the same people who have been early prospects for the HPE Hyper Converged 380 as well as some of the legacy customers for HPE StoreVirtual, from which the HPE Hyper Converged 380 is derived.”

Fichera concludes: “My summary take – this is a superb move on HPE’s part. If you are thinking of buying a hyperconverged solution, HPE just jumped into the ’must evaluate‘ bucket.”

Read Fichera’s entire article: HPE Acquires SimpliVity – Strong Tactical Move with Strategic Ramifications for the HCI Landscape.

esg.JPG“This is a definitively good move for HPE,” said Terri McClure, Hybrid Cloud, Converged & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Senior Analyst for ESG.  “It puts HPE in a much stronger position to take on Dell EMC. HPE now brings more value to the discussion and this aligns with their higher level strategy of focusing on ‘stack’ value.”

McClure concludes: “As HPE builds out more SimpliVity-based solutions leveraging its ProLiant server line, it will be in a much stronger position to take on Dell EMC's VxRack and VxRail products…SimpliVity is a great fit for pretty much the entire HPE portfolio because it plugs in everywhere as a data services layer. It is an excellent match for HPE's server platform business.”

Read McClure’s entire article: HPE Acquires SimpliVity as the Market (Hyper)Converges

Pundit.JPG“SimpliVity offers a solid, innovative software-defined solution—OmniStack—that has done quite well in the hyperconverged and hybrid cloud markets. Adding the company to its quiver should be a plus for HPE, and it also complements the company’s other recent hybrid cloud acquisition, CloudCruiser,” said Charles King, president and principal analyst for Pund-IT.

King concludes: “Overall, the HPE/Simplivity deal should provide both companies long-term benefits. But it will also spark interesting times in the hyperconverged marketplace in the months to come.”

Read King’s entire article: HPE Buys its Way Up-Market in Hyperconverged Systems

For more reaction from around the industry on HPE’s acquisition on SimpliVity, check out: Have you heard the industry’s reaction to HPE’s SimpliVity acquisition? And for more details on the acquisition, check out these resources:
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