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Announcing HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0- News from OpenStack Summit Boston


Today is a big day for us as we present the next stage in our ongoing involvement with the OpenStack project. We’re in Boston this week at OpenStack summit talking with customers and the community about the release of HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0, the latest version of our enterprise-grade distribution of OpenStack. We have a long history with OpenStack, from code contributions to implementations, and we remain committed to customer success with OpenStack. If you’re here, we’d love to talk with you at booth B10. If you couldn’t make the trip this time around, this blog post includes key highlights and some additional resources.

What is HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0?

HPE Helion OpenStack is a flexible cloud platform based on the world’s largest open source project, OpenStack. HPE Helion OpenStack offers core Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) functionality that is highly customizable to simplify the management experience and enable rapid application development and deployment. HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0 is based on the Newton codebase and adheres tightly to API standards and services.

High-performing hybrid infrastructure has private cloud at its core, delivering security where you need it and enhancing productivity. With private cloud as the foundation of your hybrid plan, you can gain the agility and reliability you need for improved performance, economics and time-to-market.

What’s new in HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0?

HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0 is the culmination of all we’ve learned in our years of work on the OpenStack project and represents our continued commitment to customer success with OpenStack. HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0 features an update to OpenStack Newton, which was designed for greater scalability and resiliency, as well as to support a broader variety of workloads. Most notably, this include native container orchestration, allowing you to offer self-service containers based on Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos. New bare metal multi-tenant networking allows multiple users to securely share an OpenStack region, create a mix of bare metal and virtualized compute nodes within those regions, and allow mixed workloads to communicate over tenant networks. New integration with SUSE object storage solutions allows you to build stable and massively scalable Ceph-based storage for unstructured data that can be managed and updated independently of your OpenStack implementation. All of this amounts to more options for workstyles and agility for your consumers and customers.

Consultation, implementation, support

In March, we announced HPE Pointnext, a newly redefined technology services organization that combines our world class consulting and support services. The new organization includes 25,000 experts across a broad domain of technologies, with the aggregated knowledge to deliver more than 11,000 successful digital transformation engagements per year. HPE Pointnext brings this expertise to our customers exploring and using OpenStack, focusing services on three key areas that represent the entire lifecycle of your cloud implementation. Our Advisory and Transformation Services are at the forefront, designing customers’ transformation journey and building a roadmap tailored to their unique challenges, including designing HPE Helion OpenStack based solutions. Our Professional Services specialize in flawless and on-time implementation, on-budget execution, and creative configurations for HPE Helion OpenStack. And finally, our Operational Services will offer new ways to deliver IT by managing and optimizing on-premises and cloud workloads, resources, and capacity including world-class support for HPE Helion OpenStack.

From initial design and discovery to support and optimization, HPE Pointnext is there to help ensure your success based on proven designs, minimizing the learning curve of your cloud transformation.

Ecosystem partnerships

HPE Helion OpenStack is designed to leverage and integrate with leading solutions and providers from across the industry. HPE has partnered with SUSE, a leader in open source based software development, to deliver the highest possible quality software and services. You can read more about that agreement in my Grounded in the Cloud post from March. Our partnership delivers proven OpenStack solutions for your multi-cloud environments, implemented and supported by HPE Pointnext and our broad partner ecosystem. In addition, HPE Helion OpenStack is 100% API compliant with trunk OpenStack. This allows you an immense amount of flexibility to integrate HPE Helion OpenStack with technology from other providers to build a custom solution for your unique business.

Where do we go from here?

HPE Helion OpenStack will be generally available this summer, but you should start talking to your HPE team or channel partner today. There are more details now on, and we’ll post new information as it becomes available here on Grounded in the Cloud.

HPE remains committed to OpenStack, and we have the solutions and expertise to help you transform the way you deliver IT services. If you’re in Boston this week for OpenStack Summit this week, stop by booth B10 to talk more with the folks directly responsible for making that happen.


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