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Are you ready for a hybrid cloud?


Trying something new can be a scary experience, especially for me. However, after thorough research my confidence increases, allowing me to take a leap of faith and know I have reduced risk and have increased my chances of success. But, trying something new at work can be a little bit more intimidating, especially if there is a big dollar investment cost associated. Here’s an example.

Cutting edge infrastructure helps business work faster and gain a competitive advantage. However, implementing an infrastructure requires investments, which is why cloud computing has been an ever evolving topic since first discussed in the 1960s as explained in the, “A history of cloud computing” article. The cloud can help organizations improve work productivity and reduce costs. In a recent study by The Register, the audience rated that their second item of investment in the next 12 months would be the cloud. Today, 50 years later after the cloud was first introduced, there is a new term buzzing around -- hybrid cloud.

So what is a hybrid cloud? Well, it depends on whom you ask, as this term has many meanings.

To Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a hybrid cloud means a cloud computing environment that mixes private and public cloud environments allowing IT organizations to deploy the right application or workloads to the right destination based on a variety of factors, including security, availability, price and performance. In my opinion, hybrid cloud is best described as providing customers choices because there is no “one solution fits all.” Different types and sizes of organizations have different requirements, and therefore require different models for IT infrastructure. They are also on different points on their journey towards a sustainable, manageable and secure hybrid IT environment.

In a recent webinar, The Register asked panelists Marcus Thompson of HPE, Vivek Warrier of Microsoft and Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics to consider the ‘State of the Hybrid Cloud Nation’ and help answer common questions customers are asking today, including:

  • What is a hybrid cloud?
  • For what will I use a hybrid cloud infrastructure?
  • How can HPE and Microsoft help me?

I encourage you to watch the webinar, as these experts provide interesting insights into how the hybrid cloud is currently helping organizations of all sizes gain a competitive advantage.  In addition, the webinar replay explains how the HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS Standard powered by Intel® can help you start your journey to a hybrid cloud today.

Webinar Replay: Is the world ready for hybrid cloud?


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