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Behind the Cloud: Accelerating enterprise cloud with Cloud28+


A little earlier this year, I had the occasion to sit down with Brent Haley and discuss the value that Cloud28+ brings to our partners and customers. Put simply, Cloud28+ helps partners and customers navigate one of the most pressing business challenges: How to accelerate digital transformation, while minimizing complexity and costs. Today, all of us are increasingly providing or consuming more impersonal, automated services, and yet have never been in need of more tailored, business-specific solutions. Cloud28+ overcomes this gap by creating a community where people can go to share and find enterprise cloud services, while connecting with potential partners. The power of the Cloud28+ community is the human value behind each connection. If you’re a customer, you can easily find a trusted advisor offering specific solutions that match your workload needs. If you’re a partner, you can easily find other partners with whom to forge new business opportunities.

Companies do not make communities, people do. Cloud28+ thrives on diversity and the value each of its partners brings to the community. We believe that if each member contributes, the whole community wins. That’s the spirit of HPE’s drive to transform itself and partner with you on your own transformations. Become a transformation leader: Join us in the Cloud28+ community today.


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Xavier Poisson advocates economic growth through community development and innovation. In his role as Vice President for Worldwide Indirect Digital Services, he leads global expansion of an ecosystem that federates all types of channel partners and creates new opportunities for partners and customers alike to accelerate their business results. Known as Cloud28+, the community unites Service Providers, ISVs, VARs, distributors, public sector organizations, and technology vendors to offer a cloud services catalog for customers who require specific business and workload solutions.