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Behind the Cloud: Goes to Discover London.


A lot can happen in six months.

 It’s only been half a year since Discover in Las Vegas, but it feels longer. Maybe that’s because the pace of change in information technology is approaching warp speed.

I’ll be at Discover in London at the end of the month asking HPE Cloud experts to explain in clear language what the speed of cloud innovation means for enterprise customers. I’ll also be asking how HPE’s strategy aligns with the immediate needs of organizations looking to make a digital transformation. I call it the Helion Hot Seat.

If you haven’t watched an episode of Behind the Cloud yet, start with this interview I did with Bruno Zerbib, VP of Product Management for HPE Cloud, at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. Among the many cloud and IT topics we discussed was how close an enterprise cloud can get to the nirvana of “zero touch.”

In London I’ll be talking to some of our most interesting and informed cloud experts about security, use cases and workload economics. What would you like me to ask my Behind the Cloud guests? Get in touch on Twitter.

I currently focus on the HPE Helion brand, building all visuals and messaging content for all worldwide digital uses since launching brand in March 2013.
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It all started back in 1984 when I convinced my dad, who was an entrepreneur starting his own company, that with the new Mac that was just announced he could do customized bills and letters with graphics and photos on a desktop printer from a small desktop computer. We went to LA and looked at the new Mac+ with MacPaint/Draw package and bought one right there. I created logos, invoices, letters, marketing monthly's all in MacDraw and MacPaint. So began my digital content career.... and now I build content teams and strategies to deliver 24/7 integrated marketing campaigns.

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