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Benefits of hybrid IT and service providers


For many organizations, the allure of hybrid IT is that it delivers business outcomes with speed and agility. Hybrid IT enables companies large and small to be as nimble as the market demands they be.

 Increasingly, the best way to implement hybrid IT is through external service providers—expert companies that create leading-edge hybrid IT solutions with Hewlett Packard Enterprise products as their technical backbone.


In a recent video interview, I explain why having the “right mix” of IT—a balance of traditional IT and private, managed, or public cloud—is crucial to getting the most from the hybrid IT approach. And further, why different categories of business applications are best served by different cloud models—and why service providers are so well-suited to provide them.

 The core benefits of service providers

Service providers offer many benefits to organizations looking to enlist a third party to host, operate, and manage their IT. Four apply to most use cases: 

  • Speed of deployment: Stay agile and unencumbered by large onsite installs.
  • Shifting from CapEx to OpEx: Pay for outcomes, not equipment—and scale as your needs evolve.
  • Access to the latest technologies: Always stay caught-up with the latest trends and capabilities.
  • Leveraging expert skills: Innovate without having to keep (costly) technical expertise on your staff.

Watch the video for greater detail and more insights

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