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Best of the best at HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017


HPE Discover Las Vegas is two weeks away and offers the chance to get up close and personal with the latest innovations and solutions from HPE. At the event, it can be hard to navigate your way through the most important and worth-while sessions and demos. So to help you out I’ve put together a list of the best of the best at Discover Vegas. Don’t miss these demos, giveaways, interactive challenges, and feedback opportunities.

Best Sessions

Don’t miss top sessions around the hottest industry topics including composable infrastructure, hybrid IT, hyperconvergence, and cloud. A few of these sessions include:

1.jpgHyperconvergence, composable infrastructure and cloud, accelerating your digital transformation (SL12899) on June 6th from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. In this Spotlight session, Senior Vice President and GM of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Software-Defined and Cloud Group, Ric Lewis will address how businesses today are feeling the pressure to deliver digital transformation, but often don’t know where to start. In order to be a digital transformation leader, businesses are required to deliver applications faster, simplify IT, and improve economics by combining the right mix of traditional IT with private and public clouds. Join Lewis to learn how to accelerate digital transformation with HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged, HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, and cloud solutions. Find out how these solutions can help you capitalize on your next big idea and seize your future business opportunities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise SimpliVity, simply put, we’re hyped (B12698) on June 6th from 4:30PM to 5:30PM and June 7th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. HPE Hyperconverged expert Bharath Vasudevan will discuss the struggle IT leaders are facing to achieve the agility and economics of the cloud coupled with the control and governance of on-premises IT. To address this, HPE delivers powerhouse hyperconverged solutions powered by Intel® that dramatically simplify IT. By offering best-in-class infrastructure, HPE SimpliVity’s advanced data services for virtualized workloads, a killer intuitive user experience, and the best-selling server platform in the world, HPE can help radically transform your IT strategy.

Delivering Azure-consistent services from your data center (B12695) on June 8th from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Enterprises are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud, using a mix of private and public cloud services. HPE has partnered with Microsoft® to develop a solution that allows enterprises to run Azure-consistent services in their data centers based on Azure Stack software. Come to this session to learn about HPE’s Azure Stack solution and how you can offer Azure cloud services from your data center.

Best Demos

2.jpgHPE will host some of the most exciting and innovative demos at the event. Demos allow attendees a chance to get hands-on experience with the latest from HPE and see how they can put solutions to work in their own datacenters. Demos also provide a chance for customers to ask their toughest questions of HPE experts who will be on-hand at the event. Some of the top demos at Discover Las Vegas 2017 include:

Deliver a cloud-like experience in your data center with hyperconvergence and composable infrastructure (DEMO609): Visit the impressive Tower of Power in the Transformation Zone to learn how you can increase your IT efficiency with a cloud-like experience using modern architectures such as composable infrastructure and hyperconvergence. Discover how to stay ahead of your competition and create new services from within the security of your data center without the complexity and expense of the public cloud.

HPE OneView (DEMO613): Come learn more about the new features in HPE OneView, extending the value of HPE’s converged management solution. New features include extended platform support, storage, and remote support enhancements. These features are designed to increase productivity, simplify IT operations, and enhance the experience of lifecycle management of HPE infrastructure.

HPE Synergy innovations, the real magic behind HPE Synergy and the infrastructure of the future (DEMO615): Come see the future in action, and learn how it's being delivered today through the innovative technologies in HPE Synergy. This groundbreaking technology enables your data center transformation to hybrid IT. Visit this demo to learn about the latest HPE Synergy innovations, including Composer and Image Streamer. Find out how products across the HPE Composable Infrastructure portfolio can benefit you and your business.

HPE SimpliVity 380, simply put, we’re hyped (DEMO618): For IT leaders struggling to achieve the agility and economics of the cloud coupled with the control and governance of on-premises IT, HPE delivers a new powerhouse hyperconverged solution that dramatically simplifies IT. The HPE SimpliVity 380 powered by Intel® combines SimpliVity’s advanced data services for virtualized workloads with HPE's best-in-class infrastructure to deliver a solution that can radically transform your IT strategy.

Deliver Azure-consistent services from your data center (DEMO619): The newly announced HPE ProLiant for Microsoft® Azure® Stack enables you to deliver Azure-consistent services from your data center, offering workload portability and a common developer experience for deploying apps in the Azure public cloud and on-premises. This solution is ideal for enterprises that want to deliver Azure cloud services for workloads with data sovereignty, security, compliance, performance or cost requirements not met by Azure public cloud, and for service providers that want to offer Azure-consistent services.

Best Interactives

In addition to demos, HPE Software-Defined and Cloud Group offers the highest attended and most anticipated interactive experiences at the event. This year’s interactives include:

3.jpgHPE Composable Infrastructure Game Wall Challenge
Take the HPE Composable Infrastructure challenge to deploy and manage hybrid IT faster than your friends. Learn how to simplify hyperconverged deployments with HPE SimpliVity, effortlessly compose HPE Synergy solutions, deploy a cloud service and implement VMware® clusters from vCenter® with HPE Composable Infrastructure. Try it for yourself and win a prize!

HPE Composable Infrastructure Living Lab

Located in the Transformation Zone, the Composable Infrastructure Living Lab enables you to explore the new HPE SimpliVity software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure. At the Lab, you can sharpen your edge by exploring HPE OneView automation features with HPE Synergy, the only platform architected for composable infrastructure. Gain first-hand experience in this hands-on, self-paced classroom environment. Come by and get a cool prize!

Best Giveaways

4.pngOne of the best things about going to any event is the free swag attendees get to pick up. This year at Discover Las Vegas, don’t miss out on the best giveaways at the event including:

HPE Synergy packet that includes HPE Synergy for Dummies, Composable Infrastructure for Dummies, and the new HPE Synergy flag.

HPE SimpliVity coozies: stop by the HPE SimpliVity demo station (DEMO618) to snag one of these limited edition drink cozies.

Best Feedback Opportunities

HPE wants to encourage Discover Las Vegas attendees to share their experiences on HPE OneView, HPE SimpliVity and HPE Synergy. Three ways customers can get involved include:

5.pngGartner Peer Insights Reviews: Customers have a chance to provide their feedback via this review and rating site for enterprise IT products and solutions sponsored by Gartner. All customers who submit a review will get an HPE Wireless Earbud! Stop by the HPE Composable Infrastructure Living Lab area to provide your feedback.

IT Central Station Product Reviews: Offers enterprise technical professions an opportunity to get feedback on a specific product from other users. All customers who submit a review will get an IT Central T-shirt! Stop by the HPE Composable Infrastructure Living Lab area to provide your feedback.

HPE User Experience Reviews: Customer will have the opportunity to provide feedback for future design concepts to HPE Design Engineers. All customers who submit a review will get an HPE Wireless Earbud! Stop by the HPE Composable Infrastructure Living Lab area to provide your feedback.

For more information about HPE Discover Las Vegas, visit: To register for the event, click here.


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