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CRN covers HPE Synergy announcement and interviews solution providers


By blogger, Alison Golan

CRN-Logo_620x350.pngSince the big announcement of HPE Synergy at Discover London on December 1, many in the industry have weighed in about the groundbreaking architecture. Steven Burke at CRN interviewed HPE CEO Meg Whitman and two solution providers to get their take on HPE’s new composable architecture.

According to Whitman, “This is as revolutionary a product as we have introduced probably in the last decade.” She believes that HPE Synergy is a game-changer in the infrastructure market and says that customers who have been using it in beta are extremely excited about the technology. HPE Synergy is the first platform built from the ground up for composable infrastructure, providing the agility, speed and continuous delivery needed to automate today’s applications and services at cloud-like speeds.

CRN also talked with a couple of well-known solution providers to get their take on the announcement.

In the article, John Iacone, founder and CEO of International Integrated Solutions (IIS) remarked that HPE Synergy  is “…redefining the data center to be a true utility: instantly building out infrastructure to run applications at different times and taking away infrastructure when it is not required and giving it to other applications that require it.” Iacone concluded, “The beauty of the HPE composable infrastructure is applications become intelligent with regard to compute, storage and fabric requirements.”

Another solution provider, Mike Vencel, executive vice president of Comport Consulting Corp. commented in the article, “HPE is on the front end of the innovation curve, with competitors playing catch up.” Vencel went on to say that one of the most significant features of HPE Synergy is the open APIs that allow applications to easily connect to the composable architecture. This capability “… is going to allow business units to directly deploy apps without having to go to IT to get what they need,” explained Vencel. He also emphasized the importance of HPE Synergy’s integration with industry-leading applications development tools and environments, such as Puppet, Chef and Docker.

Additionally, the article discussed how HPE Synergy opens up new opportunities for solution providers, allowing them to provide customers with fluid pools of resources that are customized for their workloads. The article concludes by saying that HPE believes Synergy will eventually lead to partners being able to build customized infrastructure services for their customers, resulting in lower overall cost of ownership and bigger margins.

To read the full article, Whitman: ‘Composable’ Synergy Infrastructure Is Biggest Hewlett Packard Enterprise Breakthough In Last Decade, click here.

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