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Chef and HP OneView pair to serve up some juicy automated provisioning


Seattle-based DevOps and IT automation provider Chef is having a banner year, signing a record number of new customers in 2015. A TechCrunch post a few weeks ago cited Chef CEO Barry Crist saying about 80 percent of Chef’s revenue now comes from traditional enterprises and more than half of the Fortune 50 use Chef. There’s definitely a transition going on in the halls and data centers of IT organizations. More of a race perhaps than a transition, as IT tries to leverage automation to build and deploy infrastructure and applications in a faster, smarter way. Chef is also at the heart of the DevOps movement that brings together software development and IT operations to speed application deployment and build high velocity organizations. With Chef, customers can automate the provisioning of apps and their underlying OS and infrastructure.

That’s why a partnership between upstart Chef and industry stalwart HP made sense. The two companies have these essential things in common: cross-over customer base (medium-size to large enterprises), a similar IT vision (making agile, fluid infrastructure a reality through software-defined automation) and open source solutions (read on) to help our customers get there.

For some time, Chef has been partnering with HP around the HP Datacenter Care-Infrastructure Automation Service (DC-IA) that provides advice, support and tools for automating IT infrastructure. Read about it in this blog. In June, HP unveiled our Composable Infrastructure vision which combines fluid pools of infrastructure with software defined intelligence and an open unified API, native in HP OneView. This API, available to ISVs and customers alike, allows extensive automation of infrastructure. Shortly before HP introduced our vision for Composable Infrastructure, we asked Chef to be an inaugural member of a partner program designed for ISV’s.  

Chef said “Yes” because they saw the promise of solving a problem their customers were struggling with. HP OneView lets HP users treat bare metal infrastructure as public cloud and provision these resources just like it does virtual machines using software-defined, automated templates. Matt Ray, Sr. Director of Partner Integration at Chef, also pointed to another value of HP OneView, “When dealing with actual physical hardware, there’s not a lot of standardization. Having a single interface to multiple things is really useful. It speeds delivery of new apps and services.”

The result of the collaboration is the Chef Provisioning Driver for HP OneView. The driver allows Chef to automate provisioning of bare metal by calling software-defined templates from HP OneView, unifying the process for provisioning compute, storage, and fabric in a single step. HP OneView acts as an infrastructure provider for Chef, bringing the speed of the public cloud to internal IT processes. HP users can write declarative scripts called ‘recipes’ that are pulled together into ‘cookbooks’ used to automate software processes. Chef recipes are easy to write and share among IT organizations through the Chef community site Supermarket. You can find the Chef Provisioning Driver for HP OneView on the Supermarket and on GitHub.

Both Chef and HP have a broad reach. Chef works across all major operating systems and technologies including those from HP, VMware and OpenStack. When you use Chef, everything is configured through it and tracked so you have a complete audit trail. Compliance becomes easy, consistent and transparent. To help customers get started, HP offers enterprise-grade support, tools and advice through its DC-IA service. Customers have direct access to the DC-IA Center of Excellence, which provides expertise on integrating Chef and HP OneView as well as other select automation tools within customer environments. This provides a dependable knowledge base that can support HP customers as they move along their journey to a faster, simple, more efficient IT that can deliver faster time to value for the business.

Mahir Lupinacci, Director of Business Development at Chef, said, “We want customers to view their data center as software – leverage open APIs and move from test to production in an automated, efficient way. It’s all about being fast and agile and accelerating time to value. We really love working with companies like HP who get it and want to help their customers realize the value.”

HP is proud to support the open source community, and has made our Chef recipes available on GitHub. We have built a community around our recipes and encourage other developers to fork them, modify them, add new features, and then perform a pull request so we can add the features back in.

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