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Closing the gap to make true hybrid cloud a reality



bigstock--119434898.jpgOn January 31st, HPE sponsored a Wikibon CrowdChat, Simplify Hybrid Cloud, where analysts, IT industry luminaries and many others shared thoughts on deploying hybrid cloud. Over 80 people participated in the one hour live chat, resulting in 479 posts, more than 2,000 views, 3.4 million impressions!

Dave Vellante, co-CEO of SiliconAngle and co-founder of The Wikibon Project, summarized the CrowdChat saying that experts discussed “…what’s needed, what’s missing and what’s the future of so-called hybrid cloud.” He went on to describe the goal of the chat, “…to better understand how cloud was affecting business changes and what gaps needed to be filled to make hybrid cloud a reality.” 

During the lively exchange, participants didn’t hold back--eagerly expressing their views on a variety of hybrid cloud questions proposed by the host. The question that spurred the most passion (determined by garnering the most votes) was question 7…

Question 7: What’s missing…where are the gaps to enable hybrid cloud-based apps to generate business value. (Top responses below--determined by participant votes.)

Lawrence Hecht, Analyst/curator/editor answered simply, “Automation.”

Bobby Patrick, CMO, HPE Cloud added, “Major monitoring tool gap right now. Monitoring and managing ephermality of instances and data. Most IT tools designed for monolithic and stateful.”

Niki Acosta, Metacloud (now part of Cisco) Evangelista, stated, “Gaps are in cultural aspects, especially in large enterprises. Getting rid of old processes, embracing failure, taking risks not always easy.”

Peter Burris, Wikibon GM and SiliconANGLE Chief Research Officer chimed in, “Business models still too product-oriented. Cloud wants service-oriented revenue models.”

 Other questions from the CrowdChat included:

  • Who most strongly influences organizations’ thinking on cloud adoption?
  • How are organizations changing as a result of cloud?
  • What are the critical goals of your cloud-driven business changes?
  • What classes of applications are catalyzing these business changes?
  • What things can you do in hybrid/private cloud that you can’t do in public cloud?
  • Where will organizations get the developer talent to succeed with hybrid cloud?
  • What’s the role of infrastructure companies in a hybrid cloud world?
  • In ten years…will there be 5 or 5,000 infrastructure buyers?

A full transcript of the CrowdChat, Simplify Hybrid Cloud, is now available. Click here to see all of the participants’ answers to each of these questions.


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