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Companies around the world are choosing HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack



bigstock-Resonate-spread-vibration-or-200726992 (1).jpgSince HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack first became available in September, HPE has seen strong demand, and the momentum is building. That’s because enterprises and service providers can now realize the best of both worlds--the speed, agility and simplicity of a public cloud combined with the cost-effective and secure environment of a powerful, on-premises private cloud.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud solution that lets you run Azure services in your data center, providing a simplified development, management, and security experience that is consistent with Azure public cloud services. Co-engineered by two industry powerhouses, HPE and Microsoft, this solution enables organizations to modernize application development, deploy applications to their preferred location, meet data sovereignty, security and compliance requirements and achieve superior performance from on-premises infrastructure. 

A game-changer that resonates with customers

According to Basefarm, a European managed services provider for mission critical IT, they believe Microsoft Azure Stack is a game-changer for their customers.

 “Being able to offer the benefits of public cloud in our own data center while meeting data sovereignty and low latency requirements is critical for us to be at the forefront of this fast-evolving world with our customers. HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack provides us with the necessary platform to be at the center of our customers’ digital transformations—for both our existing customers and our growing pipeline of new ones.” – Geir Morten Allum, Senior Cloud Architect, Basefarm 

What sets HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack apart?

You can see why Microsoft Azure Stack is making waves in the industry. But why is the HPE solution performing so well?

To find out why customers are choosing HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack instead of competing solutions, I decided to ask customers. Although HPE offers numerous features that would appeal to customers, three important capabilities seemed to resonate above all others: configuration flexibility, performance and expertise.

Flexible configuration options and best-in-class memory performance

HPE delivers the most configurable solution available in the industry with options for incremental node configuration, rack options, power supplies and network switches.  With a unique high-performance memory option, HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack delivers a 28% increase in memory bandwidth compared to other solutions of the same capacity.

Bottom line: this means that you can run more workloads, faster.

“Many of our customers are looking to take advantage of the high speed Swiss Private Network of HIAG Data, while keeping their data within the boundaries of Switzerland. By delivering a high performance, high quality Azure-consistent cloud platform on the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, we are able to deliver new services to customers at a high cloud cadence.”  -- Hanspeter Tinner, COO, HIAG Data AG

“The data integrity and the low latency high security data connection capabilities of the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack provides us the next generation for hybrid cloud. To us, it fulfills a gap between the user devices of our customers and Microsoft Azure. Our dedicated vertical solutions including voice and video in RDS are up and running within a single day and all with the stability, scalability and performance that is critical for us.” – Ronald Verweij, Founder of The Sourcing Company

Expertise – unmatched in the industry

Another key differentiator I am hearing time and time again from customers is HPE’s unparalleled expertise in the industry. Over 4000 HPE services professionals have been trained on Azure and hybrid cloud technologies. These industry experts are available to design and deploy your HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution. Longstanding partnerships and collaborations also help HPE customers accelerate and simplify their journey to the cloud. And the strategic cloud partnership between HPE and Microsoft ensures a trusted solution. Lastly, the joint HPE-Microsoft Azure Stack Innovation Centers are available so you can test drive use cases and meet with experts.

“As cloud adoption accelerates within the enterprise, one thing remains clear: across industries, our clients continue to invest in hybrid, multi-cloud platforms. PwC is excited to be partnering with Microsoft and HPE around Azure and Azure Stack to assist our combined clients across strategic planning, architecture, migration, organizational change, and operations.” – Rohit Antao, Advisory Partner, PwC 

“As partner of Microsoft, IIJ has already released many solutions like Azure ExpressRoute.  Also we are planning to release the solution of Azure Stack in Japan Market.  Since the needs of hybrid cloud is growing, IIJ would expect the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack to realize the hybrid cloud with Azure public cloud.” – Masakazu Tachikui, Executive Officer, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

“We're changing our business, expanding from supporting traditional IT with offering Azure managed services. HPE helped us develop a business plan, strategy and architecture that allows us to increase our company's revenue and create new offerings.” – Rene Luescher, Head of IT Solutions, GIA Informatik AG

“We chose HPE for our Azure Stack solution based on the superior support they provide.  With HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, we will be able to address our key customer use cases, particularly around auto-scaling, security and flexibility.” – Patric Czech, Head of Cloud Product Management, PlusServer

“We have moved from supporting traditional IT to managed IaaS cloud services in 2013, to now offering certified Azure managed services to serve future demand. Our customers want to be able to deploy the same services in multiple data centers. We combined our expertise with HPE’s hybrid cloud knowledge to make it easy for our customers to run Azure services in our data centers, or to even have their own Azure Stack in combination with Azure public services.” – Stefan Cicigoi, CEO, publicloud ag 

How can you get HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack?

The HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack hardware solution is available now.  Learn more about HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack.

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