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Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy take center stage at HPE Discover Las Vegas


HPE Synergy the first instantiation of a new class of infrastructure designed to accelerate application delivery for both traditional and new IT environments, is the world's first platform architected for composable infrastructure. Built from the ground up to bridge traditional and new IT requirements, HPE Synergy powered by Intel® allows you to optimize DevOps with infrastructure as code for breakthrough time-to-market and deployment flexibility.

At HPE Discover Las Vegas, June 7-9, HPE experts will be on hand showcasing the latest from composable infrastructure as well as the new HPE Synergy platform. Below, find all of our HPE Synergy sessions and demos that highlight the business benefits, provide a roadmap to composability and answer all of your “infrastructure as code” questions and the value it can bring to your business.

Ric Lewis.jpgThe top, can’t-miss composable infrastructure session at Discover is HPE Converged Data Center’s spotlight keynote session with Senior VP and GM, Ric Lewis on Wednesday June 8 from 2:30 - 3:30 PM. His spotlight, Deliver a public cloud experience in your data center with Composable Infrastructure (SL9872), will highlight how to figure out the right path for delivering your applications at cloud speed. Learn how the latest updates to HPE OneView together with HPE Synergy provide a composable infrastructure -- an enhanced IT environment where both your traditional and new style of applications accelerate your business opportunities.

Don’t miss these other HPE Synergy and composable infrastructure sessions during the event:

Why your IT infrastructure is likely holding your business success hostage and how to break free (RT9654): Tuesday, June 7 from 11:00 - 12:00 PM and Wednesday, June 8 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM

In this informative discussion, learn how HPE built a composable infrastructure to meet the reliability needs of traditional apps and the agility requirements of modern apps. Explore how the HPE Synergy platform is designed to support the contrasting needs of databases, Microsoft Exchange, DevOps and other applications.

HPE BladeSystem; the path to Composable Infrastructure (BB9489): Tuesday, June 7 from 11:00 - 12:00 PM

Innovations in HPE BladeSystem and HPE OneView are delivering unprecedented ease of management, maximum availability with federation, and increased agility through data center automation. With HPE BladeSystem, you are on the path to composable infrastructure, where you can stay ahead of the competition by focusing less on routine maintenance and more on generating revenue.

HPE Synergy; the first fully composable infrastructure for the idea economy (BB9484): Tuesday, June 7 from 4:30 - 5:30 PM

We live and work in the idea economy where it is easier than ever before to turn ideas into new products, services, applications and industries. To do so, however, we must leverage the power of technology to quickly fuel the creative process and bring ideas to life. Join us to learn how HPE Synergy is delivering a new architecture -- one designed to power innovation and value creation for a new breed of applications, while more efficiently running traditional workloads.

Software-Defined Data center Management using Infrastructure as Code (BB9487): Tuesday, June 7 from 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Infrastructure as code is a centerpiece of the HPE composable infrastructure strategy. By controlling infrastructure programmatically, IT administrators can use a software-defined approach to data center management to meet business needs for speed and reliability. Infrastructure can then be linked to DevOps tools to enable continuous delivery of applications and services. Join us to learn how HPE and its Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem are turning this vision into reality.


HPE Synergy; introduction to the portfolio (TB9485): Wednesday, June 8 from 11:30 - 12:30 PM

If you want to deliver IT value instantly and continuously, this is a must-attend session. Join us to learn about the latest in architectural design principles that offer extraordinary efficiency, flexibility and 23342857452_f2b955a739_b.jpgoperational velocity. See how HPE Synergy can accelerate traditional IT and hybrid cloud, leveraging  composable infrastructure.

Optimizing any application and service level with a single composable infrastructure (TB9591): Wednesday, June 8 from 1:00 -2:00 PM

Take a deep dive into HPE Synergy, built from the ground up for composable infrastructure and learn how IT can create and deliver new value instantly and continuously by reducing complexity and increasing operational velocity. Find out how to compose logical infrastructures at near-instant speeds, explore our software-defined intelligence, and see how our unified API provides a single interface to discover, search, inventory, configure and more.

How to define, provision and manage your infrastructure's compute, storage and fabric resources in minutes (TB9564): Wednesday, June 8 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Learn how organizations can programmatically assemble the resources required to support both traditional and cloud native applications with a composable infrastructure. You’ll see a demonstration of how HPE OneView makes it easy to define, provision and lifecycle manage compute, storage and fabric resources through profiles and templates. Understand how HPE OneView’s Unified API enables products like HPE Operations Orchestration, Chef Provisioning and Docker Machine to easily provision infrastructure with just a single REST call.

HPE Synergy and Docker, powered by DevOps, containers; software intelligence at the speed of cloud (T9492): Wednesday, June 8 from 4:30 - 5:00 PM

Come learn how HPE composable infrastructure is used to enable continuous delivery of applications and services with fast, policy-based automation. Hear how the HPE team built this end-to-end, fully automated solution for provisioning, configuring and deploying DevOps pipelines and learn how the solution uses HPE OneView and Docker containers on bare metal to support a team of more than 400 developers.

Realize the full potential of your Composable Infrastructure; partner with HPE Technology Services (T9480): Thursday, June 9 from 12:30 - 1:00 PM

Today, IT success is defined by the ability to drive continuous delivery of services to customers and fuel business growth at lightning speed. HPE composable infrastructure architecture is specifically designed to help you meet these demands. Join us to learn how HPE can help you prepare your developers and IT operations to realize the potential of your hybrid IT, including HPE composable infrastructure.

In-booth demos and HPE Composable Infrastructure Living Lab

Going on throughout the event on the Discover show floor, HPE Converged Data Center’s composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy focused demos give you a chance to meet experts, ask your toughest questions and test drive our latest innovations.22814397073_3f027ab381_b.jpg

HPE Composable IT Living Lab; one-stop shop for learning about composable solutions (LL9607)

Come to this self-paced learning environment to explore HPE Composable IT. Gain firsthand experience with the HPE Hyper Converged 380 interface, which enables you to deploy and manage general virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud environments. Learn how HPE StoreVirtual VSA lowers disaster recovery costs, how HPE OneView dramatically simplifies infrastructure management and how HPE Synergy pools and allocates software-defined and physical resources.

HPE Composable Infrastructure challenge (DEMO358)

Take the HPE Composable Infrastructure Challenge to deploy and manage infrastructure faster than your friends. Simplify HPE Hyper Converged System deployments, effortlessly update solution software and quickly collect advanced analytics with HPE Composable Infrastructure. See how easily HPE Synergy shifts the focus from managing devices to improving how people work. Try it for yourself and win a prize.

HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure Petting Zoo: Synergy (DEMO333B)

Come and explore the HPE CDI Showcase. Experience, touch and feel the latest in design features and innovation, talk to our experts and discover the best platforms for your specific workloads.

A 3D virtual tour of HPE Composable Infrastructure (DEMO317)

Take a 3D virtual tour through the new HPE Composable Infrastructure. View the tools and new product modules both inside and out. Participate in a real-life experience without opening a box and explore a fully self-contained and composable compute and storage fabric, as well as a single management tool for the entire solution.

Making HPE Composable Infrastructure available to cloud consumers with HPE Cloud Service Automation (DEMO309)

By combining HPE Cloud Service Automation with HPE composable infrastructure, you can develop heterogeneous multi-tenant solutions to provide hybrid cloud services to consumer users. Join us to learn how to utilize hybrid cloud management to deploy and provide full lifecycle management for both physical and virtual servers.

HPE Synergy Image Streamer; manage physical servers the same as virtual machines (DEMO315)

Can you manage physical servers the same way you manage virtual machines (VMs)? Can you quickly deploy and update your logical servers? Come see the future paradigm for rapidly deploying and updating solutions using HPE Image Streamer for HPE Synergy. Consider how stateless computing can accelerate your time-to-service and learn how you can save time and resources by programmatically controlling your software-defined infrastructure via GUI or unified API.

Create a single version of the truth with fully integrated exchanges of infrastructure information (DEMO312)

The HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Ecosystem enables the fully automated exchange of core management data between disparate management platforms. Join us to learn about integrations between HPE OneView and Arista, Eaton, Nlyte, Schneider Electric and VMturbo, as well as with HPE Operations Analytics, Operations Bridge, Cloud Optimizer and Intelligent Management Center.

Frictionless firmware updates (DEMO316)

In today’s data centers, coordinating firmware updates is a challenge. Organizations struggle to align infrastructure and app teams to make sure the right systems get the right updates, while minimizing application downtime. HPE composable infrastructure provides frictionless firmware updates, allowing infrastructure and app teams to implement updates on their own schedules.

HPE Synergy; ideal platform for enterprise and cloud-native applications (DEMO320)

HPE composable infrastructure offers the flexibility to support both traditional apps and DevOps. Overprovisioning of resources is a significant challenge that today’s enterprise app customer’s face. However, HPE Synergy offers fluid pools of resources, software-defined intelligence and a single unified API that deliver significant advantages for IT departments. This demo shows the improved scalability, performance and management enterprise app customers can achieve by migrating to HPE Synergy.

If you have not registered for Discover 2016 yet, click here for all the details. And stay tuned for more details about all of our sessions, demos and activities at the event.

See you in Vegas!


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