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Tech Target recently chose composable infrastructure as its Word of the Day. The site defined composable infrastructure as a framework whose physical compute, storage and network fabric resources are treated as services.  “In a composable infrastructure, resources are logically pooled so that administrators don't have to physically configure hardware to support a specific software application,” it explains. “Instead, the software’s developer defines the application’s requirements for bigstock-Woman-Learning-With-Ebook-And--98664359.jpgphysical infrastructure using policies and service profiles and then the software uses application programming interface (API) calls to create (compose) the infrastructure it needs to run on bare metal, as a virtual machine (VM) or as a container.” 

While HPE defines composable infrastructure slightly different, the end result is the same: fluid pools of compute, storage and fabric resources that enable your business to function in both the traditional IT (supports existing business processes) and the new style of IT (a new breed of applications and services that drive revenue and new customer experiences). These pools of resources allow you to eliminate over-provisioning and stranded capacity and effortlessly compose and recompose single blocks of disaggregated compute, storage and fabric.

“The goal of a composable infrastructure is to allow an enterprise data center to use its own physical infrastructure in a more cost-effective manner by reducing waste and the amount of time it takes to deploy a new application,” the article explains. “The concept of pooling physical infrastructure resources and building infrastructure logically is supported by the growing popularity of software-defined networking (SDN), object storage, converged infrastructure and DevOps.”

To check out Tech Target’s entire article, click here. And for more information on composable infrastructure, or HPE Synergy powered by Intel® (the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability) check out these resources:
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