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Confidence During Crisis: Data Finds Quick Customer Recoveries with HPE SimpliVity



In part one of this blog series about HPE SimpliVity's latest data protection stats, I talked about third-party backup solutions and how the completeness of HPE SimpliVity hyperconvergence powered by Intel® is making them obsolete.

Users are trusting HPE SimpliVity with their most important asset  ̶  their data. And they are doing so overwhelmingly, not only because the backups are so complete, but also because HPE SimpliVity visibly improves backup windows  ̶  the predetermined amount of time in which specific data must be restored to avoid any negative or damaging effects on the systems or applications that use the data. Before implementing HPE SimpliVity, 17% of customers cited a backup window success rate greater than 95%. After deploying HPE SimpliVity, 73% achieved success more than 95% of the time  ̶  translating to about a 300% increase. The importance of quick backup windows should not be overlooked as it directly impacts companies' recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), among other factors.

Many companies aren't confident in their backup solutions' ability to meet their prescribed RTOs and RPOs. Even worse, many organizations don't realize that their backup solutions aren't even capable of meeting their recovery goals! The below chart, courtesy of ESG Research, shows the difference between companies' expected RTOs and what their backup solutions are actually able to deliver.rtos.png

ESG Research found that 35% of respondents were anticipating recoveries in under 15 minutes, but only 6% actually achieved such quick recovery times. This is a troubling statistic as downtime can sink a business in terms of impact to image and finances. In fact, the Ponemon Institute reports that the average cost of IT downtime is approaching $9000 a minute. Time really is money.

With a completely integrated solution that includes built-in data protection and disaster recovery, HPE SimpliVity offers near-instantaneous recovery, so customers can meet even the most aggressive RTOs. Results from a recent TechValidate customer survey found that the average percentage of system- or site-level recoveries successfully meeting pre-defined RTOs was 93% with HPE SimpliVity  ̶  a nearly 35% improvement compared to users' previous solutions (chart below). HPE SimpliVity not only outperformed customers' prior solutions, but also outpaced ESG Research's industry benchmark for approximate success rate for all recovery jobs completed within prescribed RTOs, which stands at 82%.RTOchartTV.png

Quick RTOs result in near-continuous operations, meaning there is no loss of access to applications or data. This is extremely important as any loss of access to applications or data would impact almost every aspect of the business, from revenue and reputation to employee productivity and the supply chain. Meeting target RPOs and RTOs are vital steps in avoiding extended periods of downtime so companies can have confidence in IT...even during crisis situations.

If you're ready to learn more about how hyperconverged infrastructure can shrink your backup windows, download this eBook. And make sure to be on the lookout for the next blog on the TechValidate data protection results.


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