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Consolidating Enterprise Applications on HPE Synergy


by guest blogger, Bharath Vasudevan, Director of CDI Business Development

In a large IT operation, there is always a need to balance efficiency and performance. While it would be great to always buy the perfect platform to satisfy the perfect workload, that’s not always a practical solution. There are operational concerns like maintaining spare parts, managing multiple images and balancing IT expertise (server, network, storage admins) by location that get impacted as the number and types of platforms being supported grows.

What if someone were able to deliver a platform that is so flexible that it could replace multiple different form factors within the same general framework? What if you could consolidate multiple workloads with varied requirements within this environment? What if some workloads needed DAS while others needed SAN access?

With HPE Synergy, we are delivering the first instance of what we’re calling “Composable Infrastructure.” Composable Infrastructure is a reconfigurable platform designed from the ground up, with compute, storage and networking elements, delivering unprecedented flexibility using fluid pools of resources, software defined intelligence and a unified API. Our aim was to deliver a platform that can run almost anything.

In one test, we showcased multiple enterprise workloads running on this Composable Infrastructure. Using HPE innovations, we were able to use templates to provision the hardware to satisfy collaboration and different types of database workloads. We  provisioned a 4-socket, large memory footprint server with a FC HBA to address our oracle workload, a 4-socket smaller memory footprint server with internal DAS and 20GbE to address our SQL Server workload, and provisioned multiple 2S 96GB memory footprint servers with internal DAS for our Exchange needs.

All three of these workloads, each with very different CPU/Memory/Disk needs, were addressed with our new Composable Infrastructure platform. All of the different workload characteristics were captured into requirements and ‘templatized.’ If we needed to provision more hardware, we simply call up that template and instantiate it again.  If we were using traditional infrastructure this would require multiple monolithic models, with a lot of intermediate steps to stage and provision the hardware – if your internal DAS needs changed, you’d be searching for new hardware. In our Composable model, you could just provision more hardware with more drives.

With the current infrastructure, applications are deployed in silo environment to optimize the infrastructure for that application. It led to overprovisioning of the resources and islands of heterogeneous environment. HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure offers the flexibility to support the traditional enterprise applications, which needs high performing and reliable infrastructure, and the new style of applications, which need flexible and agile infrastructure.  Composable Infrastructure, offers an experience that empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously enabling IT to:

  • Run anything: Provision infrastructure optimized for traditional as well as new style of IT applications with fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric. By deploying all the applications in the same infrastructure, right amount of resources can be deployed and managed with low total cost of ownership.
  • Move faster: Accelerate application and service delivery at near-instant speeds.
  • Work efficiently: Reduce operational effort and expenses through software defined intelligence
  • Unlock value: Increase productivity and control across the data center by integrating and automating infrastructure operations through a unified API

If you are at HPE Discover London this week, stop by one of our Composable Infrastructure sessions and demos to get more information and speak with our experts:
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