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Conversations with a Product Manager: Operations Orchestration, the life of the party


Today, our blog guest is Guillaume Dubuc, Product Manager for HPE Operations Orchestration (OO) since the last 2 years. Guillaume tells us how OO is the life of the party—but it is also like a Swiss Army knife, and the fabric that weaves across IT technologies. Let’s find out what’s behind these potent comparisons.

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SS: What is Operations Orchestration (OO), and who uses it?

GD:  OO software coordinates tasks across teams, tools and environments in order to automate IT processes. IT teams use OO to automate anything in a very easy, quick and secured manner.

SS: If you had to describe OO in one sentence, what would you say?

GD: “Orchestrate anything from anywhere.” Literally, you can invoke OO from any interface for any kind of technology.

SS: Complete this sentence. OO is like a _______.

GD: OO is like a Swiss Army knife for IT processes. A Swiss Army knife is a multi-tool that can do nearly anything. Similarly, OO offers a wide range of features and functionality – incident remediation, service fulfilment, disaster recovery, end-to-end provisioning, cloud orchestration, application orchestration, process automation, etc. And like a Swiss Army knife, OO is a trusted tool, reliable and secure.

SS: What is the biggest challenge for customers in the world of IT Ops?

GD: The need to “do more with less.” There are always two main business drivers: reduce costs, but do more.

SS: How did your customers manage their IT environment before OO? And after?

GD: The “before” state is a manual state, which takes up time, involves many people and is very repetitive with high potential for errors. In the “after” state, you simply “give” the tasks to OO. It is always an automated state with consistent processes. OO allows customers to deliver a solution within hours. Once created, the solution can be reused and implemented within minutes.  Our customers often reduce delivery time and errors by more than 75%. It is a conservative statement when I say that OO is a really amazing product. Actually, that’s what our customers say!

SS: As a product manager, what is the most common question you get about OO?

GD: They ask, “What’s the price?” Upon seeing what OO can do, customers are already convinced, ready to purchase and deploy OO.

SS: What is the biggest unknown about OO?

GD: OO 10.5 and above can run CloudSlang content. Cloud Slang based on YAML provides a textual authoring experience for developers. It also includes a plugin to ATOM IDE and various out-of-the-box content, such as Docker. With CloudSlang integration, we gave developers what they wanted – something textual, something open source, something lightweight, and something cool! By the way, all CloudSlang content is publicly available on GitHub.

SS: Can you tell us something super exciting about the OO product roadmap?

GD: In the world of automation, there is a shift towards open source and textual orchestration, i.e. orchestration as code. We’ve embraced this shift. OO’s next generation designer Webstudio will be based on CloudSlang. Firstly, we will simplify the design experience. And secondly, we will offer dual authoring experience – graphical and textual.

SS: On a personal note, what is the most fun aspect of your job managing OO?

GD: I love that OO is the fabric that weaves across all IT technologies. It is embedded in all HPE solution suites like Data Center Automation, Helion Cloud, OpsBridge and IT Service Management. OO is in the middle of the software strategy.

SS:  Let’s imagine OO was a person at a party! What would it be doing, saying, wearing?

GD: It would be at the center of the party, having fun, enjoying all the company around it. Maybe dancing, seamlessly changing its footsteps to any rhythm of the music. It would be talking to everyone, and everyone would want to talk to it. Casually dressed, it would be very approachable, yet assured!

SS:  Where can we go to learn more about OO?

GD: You can visit the OO website, and also download a free version of the Operations Orchestration Community Edition (OO-CE). The download is a simple set-up with out-of-the-box content. You can download in less than 2 hours, and immediately start trialing what OO can do.

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About the Author


Senior Product Marketing Manager at HPE


Very nice story about our solid rock product : HPE OO.

The good thing is that OO always deliver much more value than customers were expected to get before using OO ! It is a continuous improvement process that generate more and more value for the Company.

OO is really the MasterChef .


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