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Cook up your perfect Cloud recipe


By Aaron Spurlock, Principle Product Manager, HPE Hyper Converged Solutions

ok3.jpgSo often in life, success seems to depend not so much on making the right call in an either/or choice, but in getting the balance of two or more elements just right. Take cooking, for example – a little too much of one ingredient, not enough of another, and you’ve got a major culinary disappointment on your hands.

It’s the same in IT when it comes to figuring out the public cloud/private cloud dilemma, and the endless rent vs. buy discussion that goes along with it. There’s been a lot of talk about businesses going all-in on migrating to the public cloud, but the reality is that concerns about cost, control, security, reliability and compliance make that an imperfect fit for most businesses. For most companies, the sweet spot is not one side of the either/or, but somewhere in the middle, with flexibility to recalibrate and rebalance as needed.

If your organization is looking for an on-premise solution that also offers the best of public cloud, you should definitely check out the newest addition to our family of hyper-converged solutions, the HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) Standard. That’s quite a mouthful, I know, in terms of a name. But it gives you everything you need to cook up a winning cloud strategy.

An Azure-enabled cloud-in-a-box

What it does is this: it brings together, in a single appliance, HPE’s preconfigured and scalable compute, storage, networking and virtual software – along with a Microsoft software stack to deliver the power of Microsoft Azure to your datacenter. Think of it as an Azure-enabled cloud-in-a-box.

This innovative solution gives businesses – especially those who have been on the sidelines in terms of finding a hyper-converged solution that works for their needs – a strong show of support from two of the biggest players in the industry. And it’s true that many of the businesses we talk to have been waiting to see how hyper-convergence will play out for them. With the arrival of the HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS Standard, they can see more clearly into the future. This is a very powerful, flexible, easy-to-use solution that will appeal to a wide range of organizations, especially midsize companies that face challenges such as rapid deployment of cloud-ready infrastructure to remote and branch offices, and ensuring reliable backup and disaster recovery.

You won’t need specialized expertise

The HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS Standard enables you to think small in terms of your cloud strategy, and then figure out what model works best for you. It lets you choose when and where you want to leverage the cloud. And because it’s a true hyper-converged, preconfigured system, it comes in a highly compact form factor that’s easy to install and operate without a lot of specialized expertise. I view it as something along the lines of a new car model. Cars these days contain some incredibly sophisticated technology as well as your internal combustion engine, transmission, drive train, and other complex components. But I don’t need to know much about what’s under the hood when it comes time to drive it. I don’t have to assemble it myself. I can go down to the dealer, jump in, and pull right out of the dealer’s lot.

Interested to learn more? Talk to your HPE partner, channel, or direct sales rep today, and click on the links below for more information. It’s time to move to the New Style of Business; HPE and hyper-convergence can help you get there.

- HPE Hyper Converged Solutions
- Whitney Garcia’s blog, Accelerate your path to the hybrid cloud with new HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS Standard

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Thanks for sharing the links on HPE CPS, Would like to know whether GPU-FPGA based HPE CPS  is also available ?

Thank you.

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