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Delivering composability and simplified infrastructure with HPE Synergy


Manoj Nair, VP - Products, HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, spent some time at HPE Discover with the guys from theCube to discuss the HPE Synergy announcement.

In the video interview, Nair explains that while HPE Synergy was just announced at Discover London, HPE introduced Composable Infrastructure last June. “Announced at Discover Las Vegas was the software defined intelligence and manageability through HPE OneView,” explains Nair. “Now we have launched HPE Synergy, which is the first platform built from the ground up for composability.”

HPE Synergy is the world’s first platform architected for Composable Infrastructure and was built to bridge traditional and new IT with the agility, speed and continuous delivery needed for today’s applications. By allowing businesses to optimize DevOps with infrastructure as code, HPE Synergy delivers breakthrough time-to-market and deployment flexibility.

In the interview, Nair also details the roadmap for the future of Composable Infrastructure. He explains that stage one on the journey was the software defined management announced in June at Discover Las Vegas and stage two is the new HPE Synergy. “The next few stages will focus on taking the software automation that comes with Synergy and the Composable platform to the next level, where automation and orchestration become much more integrated,” says Nair.

Nair also spent time addressing some of the problems that Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy are helping to solve, as well as what sets HPE composability apart from other vendors.

“At the heart of HPE Synergy is changing IT into the core of the business instead of just supporting business processes,” says Nair. “We are helping accelerate your journey, get to your end goal of making it easier for your applications to consume infrastructure, making the infrastructure intelligent, and helping IT become a business partner.”

To watch the full interview, check out the video below:

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