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Developer resources for programmable infrastructure to help get work done faster


By blogger Celia Lawren

If you’re in the business of building infrastructure to support DevOps, then you look for tools that help you automate deployment and maintenance of your infrastructure.  And if you are a developer of Untitled.pngmanagement software, you depend on automated exchange of information with other management tools. Then you should know about the work HPE is doing with ISV partners to make infrastructure programmable – we call this Composable Infrastructure.  And more importantly, you should be aware of the growing library of tools aimed specifically at developers to help you get your job done.

Software Development Kits

HPE has released two Software Development Kits (SDKs) on GitHub that are fully validated and ready for use. These SDK’s let software developers build integrations between HPE Composable Infrastructure and other management software, like configuration management and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

HPE OneView 2.0 SDK Java 2.0 helps Java developers easily integrate their Java solutions with HPE OneView.

HPE OneView 2.0 SDK Ruby provides a Ruby library to easily interact with the HPE OneView API.

These new tools complement the libraries for PowerShell and Python that are broadly used by customers and software developers alike.  Have an enhancement suggestion or find a bug that needs to be squashed?  Use GitHub to submit a Pull Request or submit an issue.

Technical blogs

If you are in the market for more technical content, put the HPE Developer Community site on your list of go-to resources. You’ll find blogs on technical topics like how to use REST API’s to program infrastructure.  These blogs are written by engineers for engineers – just the facts, none of the hype.   Here are a few links to get you started:
First steps with programming the HPE Composable Infrastructure API
Surviving in the Schema….while running our first inventory
API version? What API version?
Authenticating against HPE Composable Infrastructure API

Going to HPE Discover? Look us up, Get started with programmable infrastructure at HPE Discover, and definitely add our composable ecosystem sessions, hands-on labs and demos to your list. There’s no better way to learn than talking face-to-face with other experts.


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