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Discover LV 2016 - Where to Eat...


NOTE: I have received ZERO compensation for any of the businesses listed here, nor are they “officially” recommended by HPE (or anyone else besides myself).DiscoverLV2016.jpg

Discover Las Vegas 2016 is coming next week, and it is time to finalize those conference schedules and think about what to do when you are not at the conference attending keynotes or sitting in sessions. The great part about the HPE Discover conferences is that they pretty much provide everything – sessions, food, and entertainment. But if you are looking to break away from the conference action for a meal or two, here are a few recommendations that are a little outside of the usual ones that you will read in all of the free “What to Do In Las Vegas” magazines that seem to be everywhere.

Best Place for a Business Meeting: Delmonico Steakhouse

To start, I included Delmonico’s at the Venetian for a few reasons, even though it is on practically EVERY one of the recommendation lists I was mentioning above. First, you will be hard pressed to find a better steak in Vegas, especially at the price. No, they are not the cheapest (nor the most expensive), but they are quite excellent. And the service is very good. Second, if you are going to Discover, Delmonico Steakhouse is located in the same building as the conference (sort of). But lastly, and the reason I mention this at all: if you are reading this, and have any plans on eating there while attending Discover, it’s best to make a reservation now. You will not be eating there (or any of the finer restaurants at the Venetian) if you do not plan a little ahead and make a reservation. The link is above. Take the time to enjoy the bone-in ribeye. The lobster bisque makes a great appetizer, and so does Emeril’s gumbo.

Best Old School Las Vegas Coffee Shop: Peppermill

The Peppermill is excellent. It is where the locals go to eat on the Strip, and by locals I mean pretty much anyone who is anyone. It is open 24 hours (like many things in Vegas), but this tends to be where a lot of the performers for all of the shows on the Strip come to get a bite to eat after their performances. Great food. And if you are really daring – order the fruit plate. Take a picture. And if you finish it – ALL OF IT – you are my personal hero.

Best Secret Restaurant: Secret Pizza

Yeah, but it hardly is anymore, as it is sooooo good. Secret Pizza is in the Cosmopolitan Casino and Resort, a few blocks south of the conference. They are known to have some of the all-time best pizza anywhere, so maybe it’s worth the visit. To find it, go up to the restaurant floor (third floor). At the left of the Jaleo restaurant, there is a narrow hallway with album covers lining the wall. Go down this hallway to the pizza place.

Best Spot for Breakfast: Hash House A Go Go

I am not really certain how best to describe the Hash House. The food is incredible, and the quantities are huge. If you are a “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” type person, this is your place. And while their ingredients are as fresh as they come, this place is not for the “healthy” types. It is always voted as one of the best breakfast spots in pretty much every location that they have a restaurant.

Best Restaurants for Those on a Budget: White Castle and Denny's at Casino Royale

Probably not what you consider gourmet dining by any means, especially when there are so many awesome options in Las Vegas. But there are times that you just want to eat and then get back to the conference (or tables), and the Casino Royale, located right next to the Venetian, actually has some pretty decent low cost options. White Castle moved there a couple of years ago, and their sliders are of special renown (I personally think their crinkle cut fries are the best). The Denny’s has just been completely remodeled, and also happens to be the most profitable Denny’s in the world. Again, maybe not where you want to take a prospective customer, but a person’s gotta eat, right?

I’ve had countless experiences at these hot food spots in Vegas. I hope I can pass the baton on to my readers. The next part of this series will be a brief list of things to see and do while at the Discover Las Vegas 2016 conference.

See ya there!

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I read a review in a magazine last year of Golden Steer Steakhouse down by Circus Circus.  The review must have been good because I put an entry in my calendar as a reminder for this week - although I haven't been there yet (hopefully tonigh though).


I had a good experience visiting Las Vegas. I especially liked to play in the casino. Interesting article. Thank you for sharing.