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Don’t let small changes in your datacenter have big consequences



bigstock-Make-Your-Mark-72025651.jpgI can’t think of a better analogy for the fragility of harmony in the datacenter than the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect argues that even small changes can have large consequences. And no one understands the butterfly effect better than a datacenter administrator. One of the main concerns admins have is how any changes in their current environment might disrupt existing applications. Even a small change can cause big problems.

In a recent article from Bharath Vasudevan, he discusses how automation can help eliminate the butterfly effect in datacenters.

As Vasudevan explains, in today’s dynamic datacenter environment, being able to see how infrastructure is performing is essential. This visibility allows you to mitigate the possibility of unforeseen consequences to any changes. “When selecting a tool that will help give you this kind of visibility,” says Vasudevan, “you should keep in mind five key needs.”

1. Simple compliance: Being able to view servers, their expected firmware revisions and the firmware revision those servers are actually running in a simple report is needed to ensure standard compliance and adherence to corporate policy.

2. Current inventory view: An automated process to view inventory and generate reports based on that inventory would ensure that information was quickly available to admins and always accurate

3. Quick understanding of resource status: Admins need a single, integrated tool that collects and aggregates resource details from multiple systems and provides a high level overview along with the capability to drill down into the details.

4. Automated global reporting: Creating reports of all managed servers (including verification of compliance) across distributed datacenters can be time-consuming! A tool with automated global reporting can free up your time for more valuable activities.

5. Minimum bandwidth consumption: When discussing centralized status, views and reporting, one area of concern is the bandwidth consumption on the network links between datacenters. The solution? HPE OneView Global Dashboard

As Vasudevan explains, HPE OneView Global Dashboard helps infrastructure administrators address all of these needs by providing instant access to the health status of resources and a rich user experience with seamless visualization, reporting, and problem resolution.

To learn how to stop small changes from effecting your IT, read Vasudevan’s full article: Stop the Butterfly Effect in Your Datacenter with Better Infrastructure Visibility.


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