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Don’t miss composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy at HPE Discover Madrid


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HPE Synergy, an integrated composable infrastructure platform that bridges traditional and new applications, empowering IT to instantly and continuously create and deliver value, will be on full display at HPE Discover.

Don’t miss these HPE Synergy sessions and demos to learn how this powerful software-defined solution lets you manage your infrastructure as code and deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload.

HPE Synergy Sessions

HPE Synergy, delivering the value of composable infrastructure from execution to economics (B4350): Tuesday, November 28 at 12:30 pm

Dive into new economics and performance data and get a glimpse of what the future holds for HPE Synergy. Hear directly from customers across the globe about how HPE Synergy is future-proofing their data centers for today's workloads and tomorrow's technology disruptors.

Explore the latest HPE Synergy Solutions to accelerate your Hybrid IT workloads (B4473): Wednesday, November 29 at 11 am

Accelerate workload performance with an expanding set of HPE Synergy Solution experiences from traditional workloads and graphics acceleration through private cloud and DevOps. Join us to learn about the latest HPE Synergy reference architectures and configurations, all composable through the power of HPE OneView and its API, to empower your data center today.

HPE Synergy customer town hall (PNL4351): Wednesday, November 29 at 9:30 am

Witness first-hand the real-life transformations taking place in data centers across the world for HPE Synergy customers. Bring your best questions and satisfy your curiosity for everything including how HPE Synergy accelerates DevOps, reduces complexity and economizes the data center with a single composable infrastructure.

Accelerate DevOps with HPE Synergy (B4474): Wednesday, November 29 at 2 pm

IT plays a key role in providing developers with the tools and platforms that enable them to increase productivity and develop more applications, faster. Come learn how HPE IT has used HPE Synergy, containers and open source tools to simplify their DevOps environment and move to an agile application development model. You will learn about our best practices and gain insights on how composable infrastructure is the foundation for next-generation containerized applications.

Deploy and update apps and infrastructure in minutes with HPE Synergy Image Streamer (B4349): Thursday, November 30 at 9:30 am

Reduce TCO by up to 50%. Deploy OS and applications up to 80X faster. Realize these benefits and more for DevOps and traditional infrastructure with HPE Synergy Image Streamer, which delivers a managed library of bootable images that can be ready to boot in just seconds. Unlock the potential of stateless computing, including automated workload switching based on fluid pools of resources, with this ground-breaking technology in your own data center.

Transform to private cloud: The evolution from HPE BladeSystem to HPE Synergy (B4352): Thursday, November 30 at 12:30 pm

HPE Synergy delivers a world-class private cloud experience in your very own data center. See how HPE Synergy's architecture and economic advantages translate into simpler IT operations and cost-saving importance for any private cloud. Hear from an actual customer on the advantages of running private cloud on HPE Synergy compared to HPE BladeSystem and traditional rack solutions.

Mesosphere DC/OS helps automate infrastructure provisioning on HPE Synergy (DF4468): Thursday, November 30 at 10:30 am

Join this interactive discussion forum to learn how Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS integration with HPE Synergy allows IT and DevOps to automate deployment of modern enterprise applications and streamline operations for large scale production environments. Learn how HPE OneView Unified API enables users to get their Enterprise DC/OS clusters up and running in minutes instead of hours.

Accelerate DevOps deployments using Chef and HPE Synergy (DF4469): Tuesday, November 28 at 1:00 pm

Take advantage of an opportunity to get face-to-face with experts and learn how Chef and HPE Synergy enable infrastructure deployment in minutes. Together, we deliver a common platform for developing, building, auditing, testing and deploying cookbooks and applications for your operations and development teams. Interact with the pros and ask questions for your DevOps needs.

Enable infrastructure automation using Red Hat OpenShift, Ansible Automation and HPE Synergy (DF4470): Wednesday, November 29 at 3:30 pm

Zero downtime is achievable. Learn how a strong multi-tier, multi-step orchestration engine delivered by Red Hat Ansible Automation on HPE Synergy makes it manageable. In this roundtable session, you will have an opportunity to ask experts at Red Hat questions and learn how IT architects and administrators can benefit from HPE integration with Red Hat and Ansible management tools.

Modernize Traditional Applications using Docker container on HPE Synergy (DF4471): Wednesday, November 29 at 1:30 pm

Learn how Docker can transform your traditional apps into container workloads on HPE Synergy. You will have an opportunity to ask questions to Docker experts and learn how Modernizing Traditional Applications is possible today on your way towards infrastructure automation.

Securing container-based applications with Aqua and HPE Synergy (DF4472): Tuesday, November 28 at 11:00 am

Join us for an interactive session hosted by Aqua Security experts to learn how developers can better secure their container platform from dev to production and defend against ongoing security threats.

HPE Synergy Demo Stations

DEMO615: HPE Synergy innovations: Deploy and update infrastructure in minutes

Come see the future in action, and how it's being delivered today through the innovative technologies in HPE Synergy. Visit this demo to learn about the latest HPE Synergy innovations, such as Composer and Image Streamer, a groundbreaking technology that accelerates your data center with up to 80x faster app + OS deployment, and frictionless updates that keep your apps running. See how HPE Composable Infrastructure can benefit you and your business.

DEMO616: HPE Synergy solutions: Making composable infrastructure a reality

Work faster, smarter, better. HPE Composable Infrastructure offers the flexibility to support traditional and cloud-native applications, from VMware to Docker. Come see the HPE Synergy Reference Architectures: world-record-breaking performance benchmarks, certifications and what HPE Synergy solutions can deliver for your most demanding workloads.

To register for HPE Discover Madrid 2017, click here. To learn more about composable infrastructure, check out the free guide, Composable Infrastructure for Dummies.


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