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Don’t miss it! HPE Discover Hack Shack offers something for everyone at every skill level!



HPE Dev.PNGHPE Discover Madrid kicks off next week! If you are going to the event, the HPE Discover Hack Shack will offer unique hackathons, technical workshops, and coding challenges focused on a variety of HPE products, including HPE OneSphere, HPE SimpliVity, and the new HPE Composable Fabric Manager API. Whatever your skill level, the HPE Discover Hack Shack has a session for you. Even if you don't know how to code, the Hack Shack located in the Transformation Showcase is still your destination to participate and win some great prizes.

If you will be at HPE Discover next week, make sure the below Hack Shack activities are on your must-attend list:

Design Collaboration Workshop at the Hack Shack: Discover Your Next Big Idea!

Do you have an amazing idea that will accelerate your company’s business, but you don’t know how to develop it further? Join the Design@HPE team in the HPE Discover Hack Shack to take it to the next level. To help understand your vision, the design team will get to know more about you, your business, and how you interact with HPE products and solutions. You will collaborate with the team through immersive design and creative activities to help build out your next big idea! Everyone is welcome to attend this session.

Design Playground Workshop at the Hack Shack: Engage in New User Experience Gameplay

Get engaged with the Design@HPE team at HPE Discover in an interactive design playground to help create some amazing design experiences. You’ll interact with HPE’s latest prototypes while the design team listens to gain insight about who you are, what you do, and how you use HPE solutions. Through interactive play, we will have the opportunity to build out some memorable designs for future solutions and products. And, you get a chance to win cool prizes! Everyone is welcome to attend this session.

Interested in API’s? Learn how to make hybrid cloud simple with the HPE OneSphere API at this Hack Shack Workshop

Beginners or experts, come to the HPE Discover Hack Shack to learn more about HPE OneSphere and hybrid cloud management. In this workshop, you will learn how to interact with HPE OneSphere’s SaaS platform through its powerful REST API. HPE experts will start from the HPE DEV website, explore the API description, and then use the Postman open source tool to interact with the API. Remember to bring your laptop so you can learn how to make your code come alive in this session! Experts will help you use PowerShell (or Python) to write a script to automate hybrid cloud operations.

Dive into infrastructure automation with the HPE OneView API in a Discovery Workshop at the Hack Shack

Bring your laptop, come in, get comfortable, and be ready to learn about HPE OneView, HPE’s composable infrastructure management platform. During this HPE Discover interactive session, you’ll explore the API description and use the Postman open source tool to interact with it. Next, you will use PowerShell (or Python) to write a script that automates HPE OneView. By the end of the workshop, you will have written a simple example of infrastructure as code. Beginners and experts are welcome!

HPE OneSphere Hackathon – Create a super cool unified Hybrid Cloud Dashboard

Do you dare enter the 2-hour HPE OneSphere multi-cloud management challenge? In this session, you will build a functional report that shows all the existing deployments grouped by projects for each cloud provider. All solutions are accepted from text reports to super cool graphical dashboards. Bring your friends, pick your favorite language, and let the challenge begin! The creators of the most innovative hack will also walk away with great prizes! Beginners and expert developers welcome.

HPE OneView Hackathon — Find the Misbehaving Server in a Large Datacenter

Want to challenge yourself to build a solution for finding a misbehaving server -- with only limited information and some logs from its iLO in just 2 hours? If this kind of engineering challenge meets your operational role, this hack is for you! All solutions are accepted as long as they do the job. Bring your co-workers, pick your favorite language, and show off your app-building chops. Winners will head home with great prizes! Beginners and expert developers welcome.

HPE Hack Shack: Welcome to the Hello World Hackathon

Enter the HPE Discover Hack Shack backyard to learn how to code or improve your current coding skills! Use your favorite language or embrace the challenge of using a new language you want to learn. Your hack can be as simple as showing Hello World in notepad or a text editor like Vim. Or, you can send a handshake message to a server and have the server return Hello World back to you. But remember, creativity counts! And of course, prizes will be awarded. Beginners and expert developers welcome.

What is the HPE Composable Fabric Manager API? Learn all about it at the Hack Shack Discovery Workshop

Interested in learning about HPE’s latest technology acquisition? Bring your laptop and come learn about the HPE Composable Fabric Manager and its REST API. Access the Swagger-based API documentation from the management appliance, explore the API documentation, and execute API commands. You will use Python to write a script to automate network configuration and make it come to life. For beginners to experts, come prepared to code. Then apply your knowledge in the HPE Composable Fabric Manager Hackathon.

HPE Composable Fabric Manager Hackathon

Are you a networking engineer who has to track metrics and build dashboards? Think you can build a dashboard that shows the current configuration of the network view of the Composable Fabric mesh network – all in 2 hours? Come to this session in the HPE Discover Hack Shack to test your skills! All solutions are accepted, from text reports, graphical interpretations, representations of data, and anything in between. Pick your favorite language and get hacking! Prizes will be awarded to the most innovative solution; beginners and expert developers are all welcome.

Hack Shack HPE SimpliVity Workshop: Learn more about the HPE SimpliVity REST API fundamentals to build a simple automation script.

Are you an engineer interested in learning about HPE SimpliVity? Bring your laptop and join the HPE Developer Community in the HPE Discover Hack Shack backyard to learn how to interact with the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged platform through its REST API. Explore the API description, communicate with the HPE OmniStack Virtual Controller, and finally use PowerShell (or Python) to automate the kind of HPE SimpliVity use case that may come up in your day-to-day work. For beginners to expert developers alike, come prepared to code at this session.

HPE SimpliVity Backup Status Report Hackathon

Are you an engineer eager to try your hand at creating a backup status report in under 2 hours? Enter this hack and challenge yourself on hyperconvergence. This hack will focus on creating a report that shows the status of on-going, successful, and failed backups. Leverage the granularity and simplicity of the HPE SimpliVity REST API to build out your solution. Prizes will be awarded for the most innovative hack. Beginners to expert developers are invited.

HPE SimpliVity User Scripts and Backup Hackathon

Are you an engineer tasked with producing and understanding backups? Wish there were more innovative ways to create them? This 2-hour challenge can get you started to creating that innovation. You will leverage the HPE SimpliVity REST API to build a solution for pre-and-post backup script injection to enable backup life cycle management use cases. Use your favorite language and see if your hack walks away with the winning prize! Beginners and expert developers are welcome.

There is still time to register for HPE Discover Madrid 2018, click here for more info. To learn more about the HPE Developer Community, check out the Developer Blog.


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