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Don’t take our word for it: top 4 things customers are saying about HPE OneView benefits


by Alison Golan

Every summer I plan a family trip to the mountains of North Carolina. During my search for a cabin rental, I ALWAYS read traveler reviews before making a decision. And according to reports, I’m not alone. TripAdvisor says that 77 percent of travelers check out reviews from other travelers before booking.

This trend is also common in other industries, as prospective buyers trust current customers more than they do marketing literature from a company. Would-be buyers want to hear from people who have been in their position and who face the same type of challenges they do. While prospective buyers may look to the company to give them the specs and technical details, the strongest spokespeople are often the customers who have tested and used the solution.

HPE OneView is the perfect example. HPE customers who have implemented HPE OneView and are using it in their data centers rave about the time and resources it saves, the simplicity it brings to their IT, and the innovation they are able to invest in--now that their IT runs so efficiently. But don’t take my word for it; check out what HPE customers consistently say are 4 key business benefits of HPE OneView, a converged management platform that automates and streamlines IT processes.   

#1 Improves productivity

Mansfield Oil Company, a national leader in the North American energy supply, logistics and services industry, needed to improve productivity in order to focus on growing their business. To achieve their goal, they implemented HPE ProLiant BL 460c Gen8 blades mansfield-oil_416x416.jpgwith HPE OneView.

“Between the HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen8 blades and HPE OneView, the agility and speed to market we've gained is simply unmatched;  instead of spending 90% of our time on run and maintenance activities, that's down to just 50% and dropping.  It's freed up much more time for our architects and engineers to focus on projects instead of break/fix.  Giving that kind of time and quality of life back to the IT team is invaluable.  You can't put a price on that."

Hercu Rabsatt, Director – Infrastructure & Service Management, Mansfield Oil Company

Read the full story here.

#2 Streamlines and simplifies operations

Asante is the largest healthcare provider in nine rural counties, providing comprehensive medical care to more than 580,000 people throughout southern Oregon and northern California. They needed to ensure consistent and efficient patient servicesasante-featured-640x184.png from one location to another, so they rely on Epic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to manage nearly every aspect of patient care. Asante deployed an HPE Converged Infrastructure with HPE OneView to run nearly all user-facing Epic EMR services. Through automation and template-based configuration management, HPE OneView streamlines provisioning and updates of Asante’s servers and storage.

“To perform a firmware update on the blade enclosures and related components, we just create a new package in HPE OneView and drop it onto the servers, enclosures and switches. You know the configuration is right and consistent across the entire install base because you can see it in HPE OneView. It’s a really slick tool for managing configuration consistency and enforcing compliance across the enterprise.”

Michael York, Systems Engineer III at Asante

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#3 Saves time (and money)

Columbus Communications is a cable television, telephone and broadband speed Internet service provider that operates in 42 countries throughout the greater Caribbean, Andean columbus-communications-1.pngand Central America region. Their goal was to save time and money when deploying and provisioning data center and infrastructure in remote sites. They selected HPE ProLiant Blade Servers with HPE OneView.

“Using HPE OneView, it took me only three hours at negligible cost, to implement a new server stack for three remote islands. Before HPE, I estimate we would have sent a total of 10 people, including engineers, to each island, with travel expenses, and dedicated a full week to implementing the same three sites— all on a break-neck schedule. Our time and money savings is huge.”

Sebastian Rodriguez, Senior Systems Architect, Columbus Communications

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#4 Saves money (and time)

ITS Nordic is a Swedish service provider that sought to streamline infrastructure management, deployments and provisioning in order to save time and money. They selected an HPE ConvergedSystem 700 powered by Intel® and HPE OneView to deliver better services to their customers for the same investment.its_designprogram_L1.jpg

“HPE OneView saves us a lot of time whenever we add a new server–before it took one or two people up to a day to install a new blade and update all the firmware, but now that time is cut by up to 50 percent. HPE OneView also means that when we add a blade, almost anyone in our office can do it–so I don’t have to use my best people, which saves us money.”

Hampus Dellenstedt CTO, ITS Nordic

Read the full story here.

If you’re anything like me, someone who wants to hear from real people when I’m looking for solutions to problems I face, check out the links in this article. You’ll learn details about the challenges each company faced and how HPE OneView helped them solve their unique problems. You can also read more about HPE OneView here. And yes, this link will take you to the quick specs of the platform from HPE, which is also an important part of your research.



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