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Embracing Digital Transformation, the move to cloud – new complimentary book


The following is a guest post by Michael Procopio, Product Marketing Manager

ibook2.jpgJeanne Morain’s latest book Embracing Digital Transformation iSpeak Volume 2 is now available complimentary from HPE!

Jeanne Morain is the principal researcher and consulting strategist at iSpeak CloudTM. Jeanne has two decades of experience in systems management, virtualization and cloud computing and has participated in the implementation of solutions for millions of users across Fortune 2000 companies.

The book assumes that senior IT leaders have already set the stage for moving to hybrid cloud as part of the enterprise digital transformation. Even if your enterprise hasn’t completely set the stage, you can still launch your hybrid cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

The book covers five phases to a successful cloud implementation, focusing on the roles and responsibilities required to make it happen.

The five steps are:


The book is the result of over 150 interviews Jeanne has done for her other books as well as over 50 new interviews specifically for this book. I’ll name drop just one, Veronica O’Shea, Former Executive Vice President, eBay, Senior Vice President, SAP, General Vice President and General Manager, Oracle

Here are a few quotes/excerpts from various parts of the book:

On lack of alignment: “Our CIO’s objectives did not align with those of the COO or CMO. The result is we missed deadlines and revenues fell short of targets.” —EVP Business

On the importance of a business requirements document (BRD) - “The business requirements document proved to be an invaluable tool for working with stakeholders. The different areas covered in this document helped galvanize disparate teams, forcing them to develop actionable goals. Completing this important step during the ideation phase allowed for smoother and quicker execution and less churn, as it was repeatedly cited.” — Tom Klemzak, Management Consultant

On the new role: Process Strategist - Just as you would have the cloud service delivery manager and data strategist translate requirements for their functional areas, you may want to create a new role of process strategist. This role can help identify and resolve potential areas of conflict among the various standards and best practices (existing and emerging) in the market. The process strategist can help merge critical areas such as ITIL and IT4IT along with your CCoE (cloud center of excellence) framework to avoid conflict.

Ultimately, this book helps enterprises build a governance framework and cloud service platform for implementing the cloud solutions that are essential in today’s digital economy. The prescriptive guidance captures best practices from leaders for leaders driving transformational change across industries. By leveraging the templates, tools, best practices and guidance in this book, IT leaders can spearhead digital transformation in the enterprise and become a partner to the business and a true enabler of business value.


To hear more about HPE’s cloud strategy and Jeanne’s book see Digital Transformation Made Easy.

And click here to learn more about how HPE can help you manage your cloud!

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