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Evolving storage fabrics with HPE Synergy


On December 1st, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced Synergy, a new “Composable Infrastructure” platform that will increase IT efficiency and accelerate service delivery for both traditional and new styles of business. Building upon a 15+ year partnership of development and collaboration with Brocade, HPE also announced HPE StoreFabric B-series (Brocade) Composable fabric Fibre Channel modules for HPE Synergy, which include a full-featured Gen 5 (16Gb) embedded switch and a Virtual Connect Fibre Channel module.  

During the 15+ year partnership, HPE and Brocade have jointly delivered unparalleled value to customers and provided a comprehensive storage networking solution set. These solutions include best-in-class Fibre Channel Gen5 rack-mount and director class switches, embedded switches for HPE P-Class and c-Class blades, HPE Synergy, AND a robust integrated software management strategy. Given the depth of partnership and collaboration, HPE and Brocade are uniquely positioned to help customers accelerate their transition to a “data center of the future” utilizing the new Synergy platform.

Today, we are bombarded with themes like “do more with less,” “high-performance,” “scalability and reliability,” “consolidation,” and “optimization.” Of course these sound great, but how can these themes become your reality? Are these merely industry buzzwords or realistic business outcomes? Capabilities available through powerful tools in the new B-series FC switches for HPE Synergy (and across the entire B-series Fibre Channel portfolio for that matter) like data flow optimization, network health monitoring, security best practices, and actionable insights (like you’ve never seen before) help deliver the business outcomes that heretofore seemed out of reach. The new StoreFabric B-series module options for HPE Synergy are purpose-built and data center-proven; they enable breakthrough performance, increased scalability, and unmatched reliability. And, when implemented in a Brocade SAN environment, HPE Synergy provides trunking capabilities which aren’t available in other environments.

Gen 5 Fibre Channel for HPE Synergy unleashes the full potential of high-density server virtualization, cloud architectures, and next-generation storage in a flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use integrated form factor. These attributes address evolving storage requirements for enterprise data centers while the integrated design frees up rack space, enables shared power and cooling, and reduces cabling and optics, simplifying the SAN environment, enabling easier deployment and management, and delivering the performance required for higher throughput applications. This is a long list of benefits and you might be thinking to yourself “this is all pie in the sky,” (especially given the proximity to Thanksgiving in the US), but what does it really mean to you??? It means that the aforementioned combination of management tools and solutions brought to you by HPE and Brocade can make better business outcomes a reality. 

When performance matters, there is no need to look any further than HPE and Brocade. Whether you are trying to increase VM densities, drive better server utilization, looking to derive maximum benefit from all-flash storage, or delivering better application performance, we have you covered! In fact, in a recent benchmark test, the new HPE 3PAR 20850 array paired with HPE B-series infrastructure, set a new SPC performance record. This is just one of many proof points that HPE and Brocade will exceed your expectations when it comes to performance, and at $1.50/usable Gigabyte the timing couldn’t be better! Click here to download the full report.

As important as raw performance is, the HPE and Brocade partnership is about much more. The most compelling performance gains imaginable become even more compelling when coupled with HPE and Brocade’s simplified management tools. What if you could significantly reduce time to problem resolution? Imagine if you could significantly accelerate the deployment of new servers, applications, and virtual machines. How much easier would your life be if you were spoon-fed a gluttonous amount (Yes, Thanksgiving is still on my mind) of real-time, actionable insights to keep your environment running at peak performance? And most importantly, how much better could you serve your clients when your focus is shifted from IT-related concerns to delivering truly world-class customer service? HPE and Brocade can make all of these Utopian dreams a reality through an integrated software and management strategy with tools such as Brocade Network Advisor, Brocade Fabric Vision, and seamless integration within HPE OneView and HPE Smart SAN. These management tools are the secret sauce (or gravy—last Thanksgiving reference I promise) that provides customers the differentiated value they require from a strategic IT partnership.

When you boil it all down, the value and expertise of this long-lasting partnership is what it’s all about. Sure, the performance benefits of the latest and greatest HPE and Brocade solutions like Synergy and Brocade’s Gen 5 Fibre Channel switches for Synergy are awesome!, Obviously, providing simplified, actionable insights, and management capabilities will obviate many IT-related tasks and IT-related headaches. BUT, what you really care about is demonstrable ROI. Without it, the rest really is pie in the sky. To this end, HPE and Brocade accelerate your time to ROI by dramatically reducing CapEx through fewer cables and switches helping you do more with less. Together, HPE and Brocade help reduce OpEx by automating tasks that have previously been labor-intensive and manual and by reducing the number of ports you are required to manage, making it easier to manage the ports you do have. Lastly, you can rest assured that your investment is protected with a long-lasting, supportable lifespan including HPE Synergy’s ability to support Gen 6 Fibre channel 32G speeds in the future. When considering today’s industry mega trends and technology drivers related to consolidation, virtualization, cloud, flash storage, and industry-changing Composable Infrastructure from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the time has never been better to build your data center of the future today.

For more information, visit the HPE Synergy site and contact your Hewlett Packard Enterprise or Brocade sales representative. Learn more about HPE storage here.

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