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Fast Track your Azure hybrid cloud: Workshop and POC Microsoft Azure Stack Now


Have you begun your cloud journey? Enterprises of all types and sizes are embracing hybrid cloud to increase business agility and reduce costs. According to a 451 Research survey[1], more than 50% of enterprise workloads are moving to a cloud environment in the next two years and 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies are already relying on Microsoft Azure for some of their workloads today. With accelerated time-to-market and significant cost savings to offer, leveraging both industry-leading innovation and the right expertise to help deploy your Azure hybrid cloud sooner rather than later can be critical to your success.

Azure services under your control

To address concerns surrounding security, data privacy, and data sovereignty, Microsoft® Azure Stack  is a new, hybrid cloud platform that enables you to deliver Azure services from within your own datacenter. It provides the power and flexibility of public cloud services, but under your control to ensure the performance and security requirements your business needs. Seamless integration with the Microsoft Azure public cloud and consistency with Azure cloud services offers a true hybrid experience for fast, easy access to public cloud resources for Dev/Test, production deployment on private cloud, or scaling out an app to public cloud when needed. You simply choose the right platform for the workload—on-premises private cloud or in the public cloud—and enjoy workload portability as your needs evolve. Many organizations want to start planning how to configure solutions like HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack and to test out their use cases and workloads to determine how to migrate and run them in an Azure hybrid cloud so they can get to these benefits sooner.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack: Your fast, simple, and revolutionary solution for hybrid IT

As a key component of HPE and Microsoft’s new, expanded relationship, HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is a pre-tested, factory-integrated Azure solution. It allows you to quickly transform your on-premises, datacenter resources into flexible hybrid cloud services providing a faster, easier, and simpler development, management, and security experience that’s consistent with Azure public cloud services. Co-engineered by HPE and Microsoft, the solution enables you to rapidly deploy apps across your Azure Stack private cloud and Azure public cloud, and easily move those apps to meet security, compliance, cost, and performance requirements now and as your business grows.

Built on the world’s best-selling server (HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9), HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is your complete compute, storage, networking, and software cloud solution. Factory-integrated and pre-tested by HPE and Microsoft, the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution is designed to help enterprises and service providers realize the best that hybrid IT has to offer—the agility, simplicity, and economics of public cloud combined with the performance, security, and control of an on-premises private cloud.

Build for the future today


You don’t have to wait until Microsoft Azure Stack is released in mid-2017. You can get ready with the HPE Azure Hybrid Cloud Advisory Workshop and POC (Proof of Concept) consulting services to accelerate your deployment plans for HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack. Backed by HPE’s global expertise and deep Microsoft experience, these services allow you to prepare for your Azure Stack implementation using a proven methodology that reduces risk and accelerates business results.

A POC delivered by Azure Stack experts offers the luxury of planning ahead without the pressure that your competitors will experience if they wait for the production release before getting started. It takes just four simple steps:

  1. Deploy a single Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview node—running on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers—in your existing environment to explore the opportunities on offer and validate your key use cases.
  2. Explore the capabilities and limitations of Technical Preview capabilities, including mirroring production in an Azure Dev/Test environment, testing Active Directory integration, testing Network integration, evaluating SQL/MySQL and other Azure Stack resource providers, managing and monitoring Azure Stack tenant workloads with Azure OMS, ensuring business continuity with Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, and becoming familiar with ARM templates and automated workload deployment.
  3. Identify a business challenge and set up a sample “service” in the tenant portal to deliver a specific, real-world business outcome.
  4. There is also the option to leverage HPE’s Workload Migration competency and toolsets to analyze five key workloads that can be migrated and run on HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack to reduce risk and prove value to your business.

Why HPE for deploying your Azure hybrid cloud

For more than 30 years, HPE and Microsoft’s Partnership has been helping our joint customers to optimize their IT environment, leverage new consumption models, and accelerate their desired business outcomes. With more than 4,000 HPE experts with experience in Microsoft technologies available worldwide, HPE can help you design and deploy your Microsoft Azure Stack, reducing risk and accelerating deployment with the HPE Azure Hybrid Cloud Advisory Workshop and POC (Proof of Concept) consulting services.

To find out more, download the Extending the value of Microsoft Azure with HPE Consulting Services for Microsoft Azure brochure and visit to request your personalized Azure hybrid cloud workshop.


Learn more about the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack solution.



[1] 451 Research, Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud, Workloads and Key Projects, May 2016



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