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First quarter announcements wow industry, analysts and customers


The first quarter of 2016 was a huge one for HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure with the biggest infrastructure news in 10 years, plus a new hyper-converged solution announced. In case you missed any of our announcements, read on for a full recap.

synergy.pngHPE Synergy powered by Intel® was announced at HPE Discover London on December 1 and is the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability, consists of fluid pools of resources made up of compute, storage and flexible fabric—all defined by intelligent software and controlled by a single, unified API. Designed as a new category of Composable Infrastructure, HPE Synergy helps accelerate application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments. By eliminating the high costs of overprovisioning and stranded resources with built-in infrastructure intelligence, Synergy can dramatically reduce operations costs and increase efficiency within the data center.

In his keynote from the Discover event, Ric Lewis, SVP and General Manager of HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, introduced HPE Synergy and explained the business needs it is addressing. “Instead of having to have two sets of infrastructure for each type of IT environment, we believe you should be able to use the same infrastructure to do both traditional IT processes and function in the new Idea Economy,” explains Lewis. “HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure that works for both worlds and is flexible enough that it can deploy resources in a dynamic, fluid way, in multiple deployment environments such as bare metal, containers, virtual, etc.”

In another interview from Discover, Manoj Niar, VP - Products, HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, describes HPE Synergy. “At the heart of HPE Synergy is changing IT into the core of the business instead of just supporting business processes,” he says. “We are helping accelerate your journey, get to your end goal of making it easier for your applications to consume infrastructure, making the infrastructure intelligent, and helping IT become a business partner.”

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After the announcement, HPE Synergy received a lot of feedback from analysts and coverage in the press. 

CRN, an online publication that offers news analysis and perspective for technology professionals, talked with aacademic-business-writing.jpg couple of well-known solution providers to get their feedback on the Synergy announcement. In the article, John Iacone, founder and CEO of International Integrated Solutions, remarked that HPE Synergy  is “redefining the data center to be a true utility: instantly building out infrastructure to run applications at different times and taking away infrastructure when it is not required and giving it to other applications that require it.” 

Additionally, in an article for ESG, Steve Hendrick, principal analyst, stated, “HPE Synergy composable infrastructure is right on target and has the potential to provide enterprises with compelling CapEx and OpEx economics due to its flexibility and aggressive pricing.” 

And Richard Fichera, VP & Principal Analyst at  at Forrester Research stated in his article, “HPE Synergy represents a major step-function in capabilities for core enterprise infrastructure as it delivers cloud-like semantics to core physical infrastructure.” 

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original.jpgAnother big topic of conversation following the Synergy announcement was HPE’s response to other vendor’s claims of composability. Because HPE Synergy is the first of its kind and a revolutionary way to compose infrastructure, Paul Durzan, VP Product Management, HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, wanted to clarify some of the questions surrounding what a true composable infrastructure is and put together The Composable Infrastructure Bill of Rights.

The purpose of Durzan’s article was to educate customers on what true composability really is and what it isn’t. “Because not just any piece of infrastructure is composable,” he explains. The Composable Infrastructure Bill of Rights helps customers evaluate how well vendors actually deliver on their promises of composability, and outlines the necessary requirements to call an infrastructure truly “composable.”

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In addition to the HPE Synergy announcement, we also announced the newest version of our hyper converged system, the HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft CPS Standard powered by Intel® at the Discover London event.

HC 250.pngThis new hyper-converged solution delivers a self-service cloud environment that helps IT and developers streamline the deployment of Windows and Linux workloads. Built on proven HPE ProLiant Gen9 compute platforms and HPE StoreVirtual technologies, the solution delivers performance, density and efficiency for scale-out workloads and on-premise cloud. Coupled with Microsoft Azure innovation, the solution delivers Azure services to customers’ datacenters, empowering users to choose where and how they want to leverage the cloud. HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft provides a seamless day-to-day management experience with HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center that helps businesses easily manage their infrastructure, from virtual machines to the network edge. 

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