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Full infrastructure automation with integrated remote support in HPE OneView 3.0



In my previous article, I discussed the HPE OneView Global Dashboard feature that gives a unified view of the health of your servers, storage and network. Another feature of HPE OneView 3.0 is integrated remote support. This newly announced feature improves problem diagnosis, accelerates parts dispatch and saves time.   

With integrated remote support, HPE OneView monitors the health and status of infrastructure 24/7. Simply enable remote support in the settings area of the Global Dashboard. The integrated remote support feature in HPE OneView allows service related hardware alerts to be automatically logged with HPE call centers in the event of a hardware failure. When the system locates the potential problem, the HPE OneView integrated remote support feature develops a support case automatically, so you do not need to call HPE support. Then, any necessary parts are quickly dispatched.

When the problem is resolved, the support case is closed automatically. Support couldn’t be simpler. And, you have the ability to see the status of your infrastructure via the Insight Online feature so you can view your remotely monitored devices anywhere, anytime.   

This video gives a quick overview of how customers can use HPE OneView’s integrated remote support to monitor and automate their infrastructure: 

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Relax.  HPE OneView Remote Support makes life easier.


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