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GS1 Canada Scales its Recall Service to New Markets with HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud


Known for introducing the barcode in 1974, GS1 more recently helped modernize food safety with a powerful product recall service. Time and accuracy are crucial when a safety recall takes place, says GS1 Canada CEO Art Smith.


GS1 opted to run and manage its product recall application—developed by HPE Software Services—in a virtual private cloud managed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Today, GS1 has a customer base of 2,000 vendors using its product recall service in Canada’s grocery industry.

“HPE is providing the cloud platform to allow us to be scalable as our service infrastructure grows,” says Smith.

GS1’s choice to run the recall service in an HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud laid the foundation for its long-term vision to build on the service’s success in Canada’s grocery sector by expanding into new countries and industries. Moreover, GS1 wanted the ability to add features and functionality to the service incrementally while keeping costs in check.

“GS1 needed a complete solution set of services that could grow from a series of retailer pilots to mass market rollout,” Smith says. “The HPE solution provided this in spades.”

The HPE Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud enables GS1 to scale regionally and into other sectors, each of which require unique workflow and security functionality. In addition, GS1 has the ability to expand to other countries and provide a global interoperable platform based on the organization’s standards.



Cloud Drives Global Expansion

GS1 is launching the recall service in Australia and New Zealand. Other countries are considering it as well, Smith says. GS1 is also building versions of the recall service for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food service, and retail industries—with encouraging early results.

In a pharmaceutical industry pilot, for example, the service slashed the time it takes to create a new recall notice by 83% while also lowering the overall cost of the recall process. Scaling the recall service in this manner would not have been possible without GS1’s virtual private cloud infrastructure powered by HPE Helion. Future expansion will likely include a hybrid cloud infrastructure as well, Smith says.

“Making product information transparent to the consumer is just an example of a value proposition of cloud,” Smith says. “We need systems and services that we can scale that on and provide that information.” For example, Smith says, at some point GS1 needs the ability to add a public infrastructure component in order to extend the service so that members of the public can report supply chain issues.

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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!
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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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