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Gear up for the Idea Economy with Composable Infrastructure


By Paul Durzan, VP product management, HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure

Paul Durzan photo1.pngToday, we live and work in the Idea Economy. It’s never been easier to turn ideas into new products, services, applications, and even new industries. It’s easier for you, easier for your known competitors. And it’s easier for new competitors that you may not even be aware of yet.

In the Idea Economy, anyone can change the world – and that creates an age of relentless competition. Every enterprise is at risk of missing a market opportunity and being disrupted by a new idea or business model. The winners in this world are companies of any size that embrace and execute good ideas to deliver value faster.

Composable Infrastructure powers innovation and value creation

Meeting the challenge means leveraging the power of technology to quickly fuel the creative process and bring ideas to life.
IT’s role must evolve from keeping the business running to accelerating time to business value. While many IT organizations realize they must move towards this new charter, it is difficult for them to deliver on these priorities, since traditional infrastructure is optimized for stability, scalability, and performance but not for speed. In the Idea Economy, infrastructure must be the engine of value creation, not the bottleneck to success. The function of IT in this role is to expand the business – in fact, in a sense, to be the business.

IT must now be able to support both operating environments.

Since traditional IT must devote a lot of its resources to simply “keeping the lights on,” there’s often not enough budget or time to exploit opportunities in the burgeoning idea economy. And this is where Composable Infrastructure comes in. It is a single infrastructure that is designed to power innovation and value creation for the new breed of applications while more efficiently running traditional workloads.

A bridge between two worlds, a boon for both

Given the issues IT is facing, what’s needed is an architecture that provides improved business agility in order to thrive in the Idea Economy. The architecture must be able to change and provision rapidly to accommodate concepts such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. By adopting the concept of “infrastructure as code”, the infrastructure can be easily programmed to rapidly deliver new services and to create frictionless lifecycle management. In addition, it can easily be controlled machine-to-machine.

As it turns out, these same qualities can transform your traditional environment, too. In a traditional IT infrastructure, you typically see significant issues in getting services up and running quickly, and there are significant challenges around the lifecycle management of those products. If you’re on a VM farm, deploying services may be relatively easy – but provisioning and updating your underlying physical infrastructure is still painful. And just like the infrastructure in the Idea Economy, composable infrastructure becomes the foundation of a software-defined datacenter in traditional IT, making automation and lifecycle management significantly easier.

As a result, you end up with a single infrastructure that can improve efficiency and speed in traditional environments, while offering all the composability and speed needed in the Idea Economy. Now IT organizations can buy one set of infrastructure that bridges both environments. This provides investment protection, speed, and consistency of operations across the datacenter. What’s more, it does not require IT departments to make a trade-off between today and tomorrow.

And this is the concept behind HPE Composable Infrastructure: fluid pools of resources defined by software intelligence, with a single API for easy automation, programmability, and lifecycle management. It’s an infrastructure that bridges traditional environments with the Idea Economy to provide all environments with the ability to:

- Run anything: optimize all apps and service-levels
- Move faster: accelerate app and service delivery
- Work efficiently: reduce operational effort and cost
- Unlock value: increase productivity and control.

Learn how you can Speed Delivery of IT Services in this video.

If you’d like a quick intro to Composable Infrastructure, I’d highly recommend this short video:
Composable Infrastructure: Programmable IT for the New Breed of Applications


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