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Get the inside scoop on #HPETechDay


The HPE Converged Datacenter Infrastructure team has been planning an exciting event for weeks, and I’m happy to finally get the opportunity to talk about it!

In the past, HPE has hosted several Blogger Tech Day events, where we invite third party bloggers to our Briefing Centers and share with them exciting news on upcoming HPE activities and innovations. During these events, bloggers get the opportunity to hear firsthand from industry analysts about the market, learn about HPE’s product additions, and speak to subject matter experts and HPE executives. These sessions get very interactive as bloggers ask questions, participate in discussions and get hands-on experience.

For the first time, we are hosting an HPE Tech Day (#HPETechDay) highlighting the HPE Hyperconverged portfolio and sharing how it maps to composable infrastructure. The HPE Hyperconverged and Composable Infrastructure Blogger Tech Day is April 13, 2016 in the Houston Briefing Center, and encourage our community to follow the below bloggers to get the inside scoop on the event:  


Twitter Handle

Timothy Crawford


Ernesto Pellegrino


Jake Ludington


Phil Sellers


Keith Townsend


John Obeto


Omar Sanchez


Hiddekel Morrison


Luis Alcaraz



 Join the conversation:  #HPETechDay


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