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Get total control of your data center with composable infrastructure



bigstock-Cello-Player-s-Hands-Close-Up-138589100.jpgThere are few things more impressive than hearing a full symphony orchestra kick in. Just think about the tense moments at the beginning of one of the Star Wars films, where the audience waits in front of a black screen before the orchestra breaks in with a bombastic swell of sound accompanying the scrolling text that introduces each film. It is a powerful moment, and all the more impressive when you realize that you are listening to over 90 individual musicians in perfect sync with each other. Presiding over it all is the conductor, and it is his ability to control all of the musicians together that makes it all work.

IT shops often struggle to achieve that level of integrated, concerted control over their infrastructure. As data centers have grown larger and more central to business operations, they’ve become more complex and difficult to manage. Some would even say chaotic. It’s as if the sections of the orchestra gradually became unaware of the conductor’s cues: the woodwinds are out of sync with the brass, the strings are too loud, and the percussion is half a beat behind the score.

Using every instrument

The causes of the disharmony in IT are easy enough to identify: platforms and management tools that don’t talk to each other; equipment that requires complex, manual configuration; complicated change-management tasks and maintenance procedures. The result is rollouts that seem to take forever, overprovisioning to buttress performance and guarantee SLAs, and resources that are allocated to a specific project and then left stranded when the project winds down. About 30% of servers in data centers are burning energy but delivering no useful information, according to this Computerworld article.

Seemingly, the public cloud could reduce complexity by offloading some workloads, but control is not the cloud’s strong suit. It enables the lines of business to operate outside IT, disguises and hides costs, and leaves you vulnerable to unpredictable cost increases.

What’s needed for tighter control is a more a fluid, responsive kind of infrastructure, one that can compose and decompose compute, storage, and networking resources, one that’s unified under the firm control of a software-defined intelligence and a single API.

Take command with Composable Infrastructure

Composable Infrastructure is designed to give you back control by automatically connecting, aggregating, and managing infrastructure resources. With Composable Infrastructure, you can:

  • bigstock-Female-Orchestra-Conductor-Wit-72334903.jpgBring all the sections together. Composability turns compute, storage, and fabric into fluid pools of resources that can be configured on the fly to meet application needs. It eliminates silos that weaken control, even bridging legacy and new IT environments. With resources always fluidly available, you can reduce overprovisioning and stranded assets.
  • Concentrate on the score, not the mechanics. Software-defined intelligence provides template-driven workload composition to automate configuration and accelerate deployments. It automates change-management tasks like updating firmware. You can monitor, update, and troubleshoot the infrastructure from a single interface.
  • Get your cues across clearly. No more management-tool sprawl or time-consuming scripting to low-level interfaces. A unified API abstracts every element of the infrastructure, providing full programmability and enabling you to control infrastructure resources with a single line of code.

Best of all, Composable Infrastructure lets you deliver a cloud-like experience for your users from your own secure data center, putting IT back in control of application development and service delivery.

To learn more, visit this interactive webinar that explores one company’s journey to Composable Infrastructure. Or read this article that looks at how to gain control over IT to achieve business harmony: Airing Pandora’s Box: The path to better IT control.


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