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Get your questions answered and share your experience in the new HPE Synergy community


The first platform architected for Composable Infrastructure, HPE Synergy is now available and shipping worldwide.

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As the first solution of its kind, HPE realizes that there can be significant interest and questions around the new breed of infrastructure. To address this, HPE has created a new online community forum especially for HPE Synergy. Whether you are planning to implement a new HPE Synergy infrastructure or already have one working in your datacenter, the forum is a great place to ask questions, share experiences and best practices and get advice from your peers. It also offers access to HPE experts to get you started with HPE Synergy, build your solution, or maintain the HPE Synergy infrastructure you may already have.

The HPE Synergy Community Forum provides an outlet where experts, customers and channel partners can communicate with each other, search through past topics, or find answers to general, technical and user questions. 

The HPE Synergy Community Forum is available today, join or learn more at For more details on Composable Infrastruture and HPE Synergy, check out the HPE Synergy for Dummies e-book



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