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HP Composable Infrastructure: Your Infrastructure as code for the new breed of applications


In the first of two videos from Paul Miller VP of Marketing HP Converged Datacenter Infrastructure, Miller describes how the needs of  IT are changing to accommodate new types of application development.


Miller explains that with the explosion of new breeds of applications, like Cloud Native aps and Internet of Things aps, IT is challenged with increasing the pace to deliver new applications and capabilities to their customers or employees. This is on top of the constant pressure of making their datacenters simpler and more cost-effective. HP’s solution to this growing demand is HP Composable Infrastructure.


Composable Infrastructure was announced in June at Discover Las Vegas and, as Miller explains, is essentially turning your infrastructure into code. He goes on to say that in talking with IT administrators and executives, he continues to hear that they want and need a simple, efficient way to be able to tell their infrastructure the exact amount of resources they need, whether it is compute, storage or fabric, to manage their applications. With HP Composable Infrastructure, now they can, all through a simple, single line of code.


“Composable Infrastructure is making infrastructure truly programmable so that through a single interface, a single line of code, you can get the infrastructure you want and not the infrastructure you don’t.”

Check out the entire video below.



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