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HP Composable Infrastructure partnerships drive agility and speed in your data center


This summer at HP Discover in Las Vegas, HP introduced Project Synergy, an ambitious initiative to deliver a new class of Composable Infrastructure built on fluid pools of compute, storage and fast, flexible fabric. Designed to meet organizations’ growing demands for a faster, more continuous approach to delivering new business capabilities, this multi-year initiative is aimed at helping organizations keep pace with the needs of a digitally-driven enterprise.


Composable Infrastructure works to provide customers with a public cloud experience with the hardware already in their data center. But in order to make this a reality, organizations need to allow application developers to treat “infrastructure-as-code” and automate the provisioning of applications and their underlying operating system and infrastructure. And, through the integration of HP OneView, the infrastructure-as-code concept could then be extended down to bare metal, spanning compute, storage and networking. Composable Infrastructure provides application developers a programmable infrastructure that will allow them to provision infrastructure for the needs of an application through the HP OneView application programming interface, or API.


In a recent article, Paul Miller, VP - Marketing, Converged Data Center Infrastructure, detailed the progress we’ve made delivering on Project Synergy since June.


Miller explains that HP initially announced its plan to deliver Project Synergy through collaboration with industry-leading partners, including Chef Software and Arista Networks. Through these partnerships, we can develop integrated solutions that leverage the open HP Composable Infrastructure API and repeatable templates for end-to-end infrastructure to application provisioning and lifecycle management.


With the new Chef Provisioning Driver for HP OneView, customers can automatically provision entire application stacks from bare metal through application in minutes. The Chef Provisioning Driver for HP OneView allows you to order physical infrastructure on-demand, from your private bare metal cloud, using HP OneView templates, delivering never-before-seen levels of agility to your data center. When new infrastructure is needed, the Chef provisioning driver simply creates an HP OneView template through a single line of code in the same way as other virtual and cloud resources. By removing the manual processes, your IT can spend their time focusing on innovation and delivering applications and IT services faster and more reliably.


Another of the HP Composable Infrastructure partners is Arista. As announced at VMworld 2015, Arista has begun using HP OneView’s open REST APIs and open standard AMQP message bus to build interoperability between their top of rack switch and the HP Converged Architecture 700 platform. This architecture automatically provisions virtual local area network (VLAN) interfaces between HP Virtual Connect and Arista’s programmable platforms with no administrative intervention. This means that for a large-scale cloud datacenter deployment the time spent on deployment, updating, migrating and troubleshooting can be drastically reduced, from hours or days to just minutes.


To read Miller’s full article, The Secret Sauce for Enabling a Composable Infrastructure, click here. And for more information on HP Project Synergy, HP Composable Infrastructure, or the HP Composable Infrastructure partner program, check out these articles:


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