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HPE Helion Stackato 4.0 is now generally available



We are excited to announce the general availability of HPE Helion Stackato 4.0.

Stackato 4.0 is a big release for our customers. We set out to converge our three PaaS products (Helion Dev Platform, Helion Stackato, and Helion Cloud Foundry) into a single integrated and extremely competitive PaaS offering earlier this year. HPE Helion Stackato 4.0, a culmination of that effort, brings the multi-cloud developer and operator experience of Stackato together with the Code Engine and Windows/.NET support in HDP 2.0 and the certified Cloud Foundry core that we previewed with Helion Cloud Foundry. 

This release extends our goals by also including:

  • A modern Kubernetes-based Control Plane that supports OpenStack, vSphere, and AWS, and provides an excellent foundation for the future, allowing us to deliver Container-as-a-Service in a future release of Stackato, as well as expanding support for new infrastructures such as Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • A rebuilt Helion Code Engine on top of Concourse, an open-source CICD engine, and created a great CLI and UI experience around it.
  • A revamped Web Console that provides a multi-cluster, multi-cloud management experience for developers and operators.
  • The leading Windows, .NET, and Visual Studio experience and support for developers that are part of the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • A Service Manager that allows our customers to bring in containerized services and bind them into their applications, and can be expanded into a great partner ecosystem in the future.
  • And last but not least, a fully certified, containerized Helion Cloud Foundry distribution that is the best way to build and deploy cloud-native applications across multiple infrastructure clouds.

We are extremely excited to get this release to our customers as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can learn more about Stackato 4.0 here.

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I am the Vice President of Product Management for HPE’s cloud-native application platform—HPE Helion Stackato. I have also held product and engineering leadership roles in several companies across the industry including Google™, Microsoft®, and Intel®. As a software engineer with a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Washington State University I have been published internationally and hold 50+ patents. I am based in San Francisco. Follow me on Twitter @manavm.