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HPE Helion Stackato Increases Big Data Agility for Heavy Industry



QiO’s clients are large industrial companies—think turbines, generators, and heavy manufacturing plants. The company co-creates specialized applications and data services on its NAUTILIAN Platform with its clients so they can “liberate the engineers” from the bogged-down pace of traditional tools and applications. This enables engineers to use their deep technical expertise to create real business value faster and at a lower cost.

Traditionally, engineers would spend hours trying to share and collaborate with operators and suppliers of multimillion-dollar assets. Now, with the NAUTILIAN Platform, engineers can seamlessly share data with the entire ecosystem, fueling the ability to quickly gain insights across all areas of operations.

QiO can provide these business outcomes in large part because its NAUTILIAN Platform is built on HPE Helion Stackato, an end-to-end cloud application platform. Based on Cloud Foundry® technology, HPE Helion Stackato enables QiO’s clients to rapidly develop cloud-native applications for multi-cloud deployments while easily meeting scalability and security demands. Cloud Foundry® is a private cloud platform that enables clients to use microservices to develop applications and provision hardware instead of manually accomplishing such tasks.



Unleashing the Power of the Industrial Internet

Increasingly, QiO’s clients are turning to the “Industrial Internet,” also known as Industry 4.0, which is merging cyber and physical assets to enable companies to collect and analyze millions of data points coming from the assets they own and operate.

Industrial companies need the ability to use data for predictive maintenance and real-time operational decisions—but to really take advantage of the enormous volume of asset data, they also need applications and platforms that support rapid iteration and data processing. For QiO’s clients, traditional IT compute and networking provisioning processes are simply too time-consuming and costly.

Infinite Scalability

QiO required an open-source based development platform that would enable its clients to develop and deploy workloads in any cloud environment while ensuring essential data sovereignty and security requirements. Scalability was also a top priority.

Clients are enthusiastically receiving QiO’s offerings. One client opted to scale up from just a handful of users to 250 highly skilled engineers within 48 hours of the system going live. This client also chose to increase the scope of its deployment from 200 to 2,000 assets once the NAUTILIAN Platform’s scalability became clear. For the first time ever, this QiO client was able to see all of its field-based assets in a single view and make decisions across the entire fleet of asset against performance curves, whereas in the past the client had to look at each asset individually.

“HPE Helion Stackato is key to our architecture and delivery,” says Kevin Malik, QiO head of business development, Americas. “It enables us to move quicker, it’s reliable, and it allows us to scale from 200 assets to 2,000 assets with the comfort of knowing that scale won’t be a limiting factor.”

Technology Advantage: HPE Helion Stackato

QiO reviewed various Cloud Foundry®–based platforms and chose HPE Helion Stackato because of its ease of use, security, scalability, and full range of out-of-the-box features. The platform is quick to set up and can be deployed even in areas with poor Internet connectivity and long latency times.

Clients can process data at the edge for the real-time responsiveness they need. Deploying HPE Helion Stackato has helped QiO’s clients dramatically reduce infrastructure provisioning costs and data processing times. What’s more, says Malik, the “cloud neutrality” of HPE Helion Stackato means QiO can offer clients much greater portability between clouds—a key differentiator for QiO over its competition.

“One of the reasons we’re having great client adoption is that we’re cloud native, which allows us to be instantly scalable and always available,” says Malik. “Using the HPE Helion Stackato toolset along with other open-source products gives QiO a real technology advantage.”


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HPE Helion Cloud Stories - Bringing you the stories of HPE Helion from our customers and partners!

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