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HPE Hyper Converged 380 is now generally available to ship today!


Guest Blog Post by Rudy Castillo, HPE Hyper Converged 380 (HC380) Product Manager

Over the past decade, the industry has witnessed a data explosion with Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things). We are on data overload; this rapid growth of data has left IT management struggling how to handle numerous  sites   without increasing complexity and cost of their IT. To add complexity to the situation, enter long distance IT with the remote office/ branch office management many companies now face.  

Consider a company that has several branch offices in their operation. What would an infrastructure solution for one of these branch offices look like? Now consider a similar company but with hundreds of branch offices to support. Would your idea of their datacenter needs change? In both cases, having an IT expert at each branch office is not an option. The expectation is that datacenter infrastructure solutions for branch offices, whether there are 3 or 300, should be simple to use, quick to deploy and easy to maintain. Usability from a single-pane-of-glass management platform, a high degree of product quality and superior support all become critical to a successful deployment.  


On March 15th 2016 HPE announced the HC 380, powered by Intel, a hyperconverged offering for mid-sized companies and enterprises who have remote or branch office (ROBO) deployments. Customers now have the option to order a hyperconverged product that will scale from 2 nodes (allowing for a lower cost entry) up to 16 nodes with very little effort. The HC 380 has a consumer-inspired user interface that can run from any browser on your desktop or even on your smart phone. The HC 380 leverages the world’s best-selling server[1], HPE ProLiant DL380 Server, and 2U rack servers in conjunction with an HPE engineered and tested software stack, resulting in a superior hyperconverged product that you can confidently deploy. 

The HC 380 user experience (UX) interface makes  managing IT simple for IT generalists. The new HPE Hyper Converged 380 deploys VMs in just 5 clicks, updates hardware and firmware in just 3 clicks, and provides instant diagnostics and analytics on demand—allowing businesses to respond faster to changing needs. In addition, the HC 380 provides a path to composable infrastructure  , which protects your investment and allows you to transition when your timing is right[2]. Finally, with HPE’s worldwide presence, technical support is no longer a concern. Whether your HC 380 deployment is next door or on a different continent, your HPE support experience will be consistent.

The end result is a hyperconverged product that will deliver on the promise of usability, reduced costs and support.

Deploy VMs at cloud speeds, simplify IT operations and reduce costs with the HPE Hyper Converged 380. Get a one-on-one demo with an HPE’s sales representative. Schedule an HC380 live demo today


Learn more about Hyper Converged 380 here.

 -Rudy Castillo


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[1]  CQ3’15 IDC Server Tracker

[2] Customers can upgrade to the new management UI with a migration plan available from Technology Services in second half of 2016.

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