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HPE OneView 3.0: an infrastructure automation engine to drive today’s Idea Economy


By blogger, Alison Golan

bigstock-Update-Concept-With-Hand-Press-120248195.jpgAnnounced at Discover 2016 on June 7, the newly updated HPE OneView 3.0 provides software-defined intelligence across HPE’s family of infrastructure solutions. HPE OneView 3.0 is also the infrastructure automation engine within HPE Synergy, the industry’s first composable infrastructure. 

HPE OneView 3.0 drives the Idea Economy with the following enhancements:

  • Integration with HPE Helion CloudSystem 10, which provisions individual physical servers or entire virtualization clusters directly from the CloudSystem console.
  • A new global dashboard, which simplifies IT operations for large scale and globally distributed deployment including remote sites.
  • A provisioned infrastructure that can now be automatically unified with heterogeneous data center network edge and core switches via the HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) network management platform.
  • New provisioning for HPE ProLiant DL platforms. Customers can now deploy server infrastructure optimized to specific workloads.
  • Migration from virtual connect environments to HPE OneView 4X faster and with zero downtime or service disruption.
  • Growing partner HPE OneView ecosystem with SaltStack, SUSE, Eaton and nLyte, making partner, dev op, cloud and facility management tools more agile and efficient.

What does this mean for you and your business?

If we think back to the 18th Century, the Industrial Revolution was a turning point in history because it dramatically transformed daily life. As innovations spread across the globe, complete industries were disrupted, changing forever how goods and services were produced, delivered and consumed.

Sound familiar?

Today, entire industries are changing.  The tools that enable this disruption—things like cloud computing, mobile technology and big data analytics—are empowering a new breed of entrepreneurs. HPE calls this new revolution, the Idea Economy, where the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier. The challenge then becomes, who can turn ideas into value faster?

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses rely on the ability of their IT team to move quickly. Yet complex, manual processes are delaying projects for weeks or months.  Why? Because archaic management tools and processes don’t provide the speed and simplicity that IT needs to deliver on the promises of the Idea Economy.

James Watt redesigns the steam engine

Let’s go back to the Industrial Revolution. Was there a similar situation that was slowing the innovations that wouldbigstock-steam-locomotive-wheel-detail--12237404.jpg eventually follow? Yes.

The steam engine was first introduced in 1698 and although its design was improved in 1712, it was still terribly inefficient. Then in 1760, James Watt changed all that when he invented a steam engine that was faster and more fuel efficient. With this increased speed and efficiency, the newly designed steam engine became the engine that drove the Industrial Revolution.

Let’s compare that history lesson to what is happening all across data centers today. Inefficient IT management tools are slowing the implementation of successful ideas and services.

What if we had an IT engine that was designed better, like Watt’s steam engine?  And what if this engine could simplify IT operations and increase the speed of developing new applications and services?

We do.  It’s called HPE OneView.

HPE OneView: Your infrastructure automation engine

HPE OneView is an infrastructure automation engine that will help drive the Idea Economy.  I’m not saying tOneView.jpghat HPE OneView is going to change the course of history like Watt’s steam engine. I am saying that for businesses to move forward faster, they need simple and efficient infrastructure automation. And that’s exactly what HPE OneView provides.

Through software defined intelligence, HPE OneView provides a new level of automation to infrastructure management.  A template-driven approach lets you provision, update and integrate your resources (compute, storage and networking) faster and more efficiently.  Designed with a modern, standard-based API and supported by a large and growing partner ecosystem, HPE OneView also makes it easy to integrate powerful infrastructure automation into existing IT tools and processes.

To learn more about the newly announced HPE OneView 3.0, click here.

If you are attending Discover, there is still time to learn more in person by attending an HPE OneView session or demo:

What’s new with HPE OneView – accelerating IT service delivery with infrastructure automation (T9596): Wed., June 8, 12:30 - 1:00 PM

Define once, provision many times; easy operational efficiency with HPE OneView VMware integrations (TB9567): Thurs., June 9, 10:30 - 11:30 AM

HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center; greater control of virtual and physical management (TB9566): Thurs., June 9, 12:00 - 1:00 PM

HPE OneView Demos

DEMO311 HPE OneView
DEMO356 HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center
DEMO357 HPE OneView with VMware integrations


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