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HPE OneView 3.0 key new features--and HPE OneView’s importance to composable


At Discover 2016, tech pundit and video blogger, Jake Ludington caught up with Brad Kirby to discuss the company’s big announcement of HPE OneView 3.0.  HPE OneView is an infrastructure automation engine designed to streamline IT processes across compute, storage and fabric resources. Software-defined intelligence provides template-driven efficiency and a unified API integrates and automates applications and operations.

Key new features of HPE OneView 3.0

According to Kirby, three key new features were added to the popular infrastructure management software. “Number one, HPE OneView 3.0 now allows our customers to migrate more easily from their existing BladeSystem Virtual Connect environment--with no disruption,” he explained. HPE OneView connects BladeSystem infrastructure to the network in minutes instead of hours or days by automating the creation of Virtual Connect Ethernet and Fibre channel connections as well as uplinks to the LAN and SAN. 

Kirby went on to explain another important feature: the built-in, remote support feature.  This phone home capability enables users to receive 24x7 monitoring, pre-failure alerts, automatic call logging and automatic parts dispatch through integrated remote support.

“The third important new feature is the HPE OneView Global Dashboard, which is really about allowing our customers to manage at scale,” continued Kirby. “Many of our larger enterprise customers have multiple data centers in multiple geographic locations--or maybe they have a remote office or branch office. How do they get a unified view of that infrastructure? Well, that’s what the HPE OneView Global Dashboard provides.”

 The HPE OneView Global Dashboard lets you manage thousands of devices from a single vantage point, providing a simple, unified view of the health of servers, profiles and enclosures across multiple virtual and physical appliances. It proactively monitors the health of your entire infrastructure at scale, alerting customers of problems before they result in downtime. 

Hubble dashboard screen shot 1.jpeg

Kirby explained, “It’s pretty simple and straightforward. I can launch HPE OneView with single sign-on and do advanced troubleshooting or configuration changes. I can also centralize all of my reporting and see all of my activities from one location through the HPE OneView Global Dashboard.”

 How HPE OneView ties into composable infrastructure

 Ludington asked how HPE OneView 3.0 brings the composable infrastructure story forward. Kirby responded, “The three architectural principles of composable infrastructure are fluid pools of resources, software-defined intelligence and unified API--and HPE OneView is really critical to two of those three.”

 As Kirby explained, HPE OneView delivers software-defined intelligence through its template-based approach to management. “Your subject matter experts can define what the infrastructure looks like through a template, then anyone in the organization can roll it out.”

The second composable component of HPE OneView is the unified API, which lets developers and ISVs automate infrastructure deployment and updates without requiring a detailed knowledge of how the underlying hardware works. 

“You hear today a lot about Chef, Ansible and SaltStack—we make those applications capable of deploying physical infrastructure by communicating through the API with HPE OneView,” continued Kirby. Through the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Program, partners like Chef, Puppet Labs, SaltStack, and more work with HPE to build solutions that provide interoperability with the unified API.

 Ludington concluded by asking about the upgrade path to HPE OneView 3.0. Kirby explained that anyone who currently has an HPE OneView license is entitled to HPE OneView 3.0. Customers can just download the update file, install it and are ready to go.

 Watch the complete HPE OneView Discover interview with Brad Kirby.

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