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HPE OneView Remote Support: Giving peace of mind to 1,400 customers and counting


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When I try to focus on too many things at once, I tend to miss things…important things. Especially when everything around me seems to be going off the rails. In a typical day’s work, unexpected stresses can and will occur, so any IT tool that can automatically handle important issues (while I deal with distractions) is a good thing.

That’s exactly what HPE OneView Remote Support does. It monitors your IT environment and provides pre-failure alerts, case logging and troubleshooting support for your HPE products, thereby eliminating the concern that you’ve missed something important. Introduced in October 2016, HPE OneView Remote Support is giving peace of mind to more than 1,400 customers, and that number is growing by the day.

Automated simplicity

When you deploy HPE OneView with integrated remote support, your equipment can initiate a service call to HPE by itself ­-- without anyone on your team doing a thing. The tool automatically sends you pre-falure alerts, opens a ticket, orders needed parts, logs the whole process, and then closes the ticket once resolved. Your equipment can also send diagnostic data that allows for your service issue to be resolved more quickly.

And with the release of HPE OneView 3.1, contract and warranty information for every device is included. When you enable remote support, you’ll be able to see details such as support level, support identifier, expiration date, and support coverage details for each and every device in the remote support information panel. 

Another new feature helps you stay on top of your support contracts. Once a week, you’ll see alerts for any devices where the contract is about to expire. And if you have many devices expiring at once, information will be consolidated into a single weekly alert. An option to download a list of your devices with expiring contracts into a CSV file is also included, making it easy to keep track and share information within your team. 

Set up simplicity

To set up HPE OneView Remote Support, simply click a button, fill out some details about your datacenter address and contacts, and hit OK. No separate software installs, no agents, or prerequisites are needed. And best of all, HPE OneView Remote Support is available at no additional cost with an HPE warranty or contractual hardware service agreement.

Everything is simple and completely automated. Once remote support is enabled in HPE OneView, you can have the peace of mind that both the big things and the small things are addressed and solved automatically by HPE ­– no matter what is happening all around you. Maybe that’s why so many HPE customers are using the product.

It’s easy to unlock all the benefits of your HPE technology investment with 24x7 monitoring. To learn more about HPE OneView Remote Support, watch this short video

For more information about why and how to migrate with ease to HPE OneView, watch this replay.


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