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HPE Synergy builds momentum with new customers and announcements



HPE20160923080_800_0_72_srgb.jpgSix months ago almost to the day, Hewlett Packard Enterprise began shipping the very first customer units of HPE Synergy. From concept to power-on across the world, HPE Synergy is the trailblazer of the composable infrastructure category. Customers from every corner of the globe are queueing up to bring their data centers into the future as they witness the very first HPE Synergy customers orchestrating their workloads faster and more flexibly than ever before.

At HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017, the stages are set and all eyes are on real live HPE Synergy customers with their stories of what it’s like to work in the future.

HudsonAlpha Institute is quite possibly saving future generations with the work they run on HPE Synergy. As one of the very first HPE Synergy customers, HudsonAlpha runs human genome sequencing on their new infrastructure, helping researchers discover cures for the diseases that plague the human race. With HPE Synergy, HudsonAlpha is able to run sequencing faster than ever before, running more tests each day than they have been able to in the past, bringing them that much closer to success. And what, exactly, do I mean when I say faster and more tests being run? I mean the ability to reprovision resources for these kinds of workloads in two hours, instead of four days. That’s speed!

Dreamworks Animation Studios brings laughter and joy into the world with their fun animated films. Countless man-hours go into creating just one or two scenes from these incredible films, so many hours that it’s hard to wrap your head around. Dreamworks is using HPE Synergy to be more efficient filmmakers. The HPE Synergy Image Streamer gives Dreamworks the ability to allow their designers and engineers to work on scenes during the day, and in just a few minutes time, switch the application on those very same resources to render all of that work overnight. This means less infrastructure doing the same amount of work, and being utilized 24 hours a day. No pressure, but we hope this means one day they can start rolling out movies at a pace that meets our insatiable appetites for animated film!

These customers and more, including HD Supply, Washington State Department of Transportation, Symmetry Inc., and Redbox are at HPE Discover Las Vegas to share the exciting advancements they are making in the data center with HPE Synergy.

All of these organizations are doing their very best work on the very first version of HPE Synergy. But HPE continues to innovate and add new features to the composable infrastructure platform. Just announced at Discover, HPE is rolling out a new generation of servers, including more advanced and more secure compute for HPE Synergy. In fact, these servers from HPE are now the most secure industry standard servers in the world. And the advancements are not contained to just compute -- HPE also introduces the world’s first 25/50Gb fabric option and improvements to storage capabilities to make the already impressive direct attached storage option even more composable than before.

If you’re not at the HPE Discover event in Las Vegas, follow the events as they unfold by following HPE on twitter, Periscope and Facebook.

And if you’re in Las Vegas, stop by the Tower of Power and see the greatest spectacle on earth…HPE Synergy!

If you want to learn more about HPE Synergy, check out the HPE Synergy homepage at or download your free copy of HPE Synergy For Dummies.


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