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HPE Synergy certifies the first object storage offering with SUSE Enterprise Storage



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By guest blogger, Jeff CoppersmithDCIG Program Manager, HPE

SUSE, a longtime partner and preferred OS vendor of HPE for Linux, OpenStack, and CloudFoundry, has now certified their SUSE Enterprise Storage product on HPE Synergy! This is the first object-based, multi-protocol storage certified on HPE Synergy, a composable infrastructure solution.

As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, organizations must store and manage this influx – all while dealing with escalating costs and decreasing budgets. To effectively handle these challenges, organizations need to find new ways to change data center infrastructure, and scale SUSE_Product-Box_Storage.pngstorage and compute independently.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is an award-winning[1], enterprise-ready, software-defined storage product that focuses on simple deployment methodologies, manageability, multi-protocol support, and scaling storage to the extreme. When SUSE Enterprise Storage teams up with HPE Synergy, customers can enjoy virtually unlimited capacity, while reducing CAPEX & OPEX for their storage infrastructure with a truly unified block, file, and object solution.

Unlike HPE Synergy, traditional rack servers do not scale compute and storage separately. HPE Synergy scales compute and storage independently to meet customers’ growing storage requirements -- without having to add compute where it is not needed.

Customers can also customize their software-defined storage solution to meet specific performance requirements. This allows for highly scalable and cost-efficient storage to accommodate for growth of any organization with a limited budget.

What about multisite interconnected storage? HPE Synergy utilizes a flat east-west Ethernet topology, which provides a high performance network for iSCSI traffic. Additionally, SUSE Enterprise Storage enables software-defined storage to be managed across multiple sites.

HPE Synergy helps enterprises run SUSE Enterprise storage, addressing the needs of both traditional and cloud-native business applications in a single infrastructure. If you are interested in transforming your infrastructure to accommodate your current and future storage needs, please visit the following link for more guidance: Deploying SUSE CEPH on HPE Synergy Best Practices.

Also, if you are planning to attend the upcoming SUSECON 2017 going on September 25-29, 2017 in Prague, Czechia, please be sure to visit HPE’s booth B24/25/26 and session SPO134361: HPE Synergy Composable infrastructure ecosystem & HPE OneView on Wednesday, Sep 27 at 11:45am.

You can also visit to learn more about joint HPE-SUSE solutions.  


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[1] Please review product page: for all awards including Storage Product of the Year by Network Computing Awards 2015 & 2017; Editor`s Choice by Storage Awards The Storries XI; CephFS and iSCSI for Ceph by IT Brand Industry First and many more

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