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HPE and Docker – a perfect marriage to deploy Docker on-premises


By blogger, Alison Golan

Manoj Nair, Vice President of product management, Converged Datacenter Infrastructure at HPE and Roger Egan, Senior Vice President of sales at Docker, sat down with theCUBE for an interview at Discover London 2015. The two discussed the relationship between HPE and Docker in the wake of the HPE Synergy news. HPE Synergy is the industry’s first infrastructure built from the ground up for composability. The new architecture consists of fluid resource pools of compute, storage and flexible fabric defined by intelligent software and controlled by a unified API. The interviewers from theCUBE wanted to know specifics of the development projects between HPE and Docker and how the partnership will benefit customers.

Both Nair and Egan disclosed that HPE and Docker are working very closely, both from an engineering and support perspective. According to Nair, “We believe Docker is a great example of a company that powers the idea economy. People are trying to use technology to grow businesses, and that's the perfect marriage with our composable vision. Developers are currently using Docker in a public cloud; we are trying to make it easier for enterprises to deploy Docker on premise,” continued Nair.

Egan explained that although containers have been around for years, Docker made them easily accessible for developers to use and create containerized applications. Egan noted that over the last 12 to 24 months, many more developers have been using Docker. “Now we're seeing the large enterprise come in and ask for a solution to manage these containers at scale. That’s where our relationship with HPE becomes important,” stated Egan.

The Docker plugin for HPE Composable Infrastructure automates the deployment of Docker container hosts from HPE OneView, enabling IT and DevOps to rapidly provision bare metal infrastructure for Docker environments within an organization’s own datacenter and on their own secure networks. Nair explained that no virtualization or abstraction is required, which gives the solution a lot of flexibility.

Nair revealed that HPE’s IT is already using the technology. “With this integration, we are the first internal customer—we are not only are selling the product, we're using it ourselves to get operational efficiency with our developers in our DevOps processes internally,” explained Nair.

Nair concluded by explaining that customers want to be able to try out new ideas quickly and see if they work. “They want cloud-like speed and agility, which HPE has enabled. Docker makes it frictionless. It’s Docker and HPE – that’s it; you don’t need anything else.”

To watch the full interview, view the video below:

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