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HPE and Microsoft discuss the Azure partnership on theCUBE at HPE Discover 2016 London



Won.Jewett.theCUBE.PNGDuring HPE Discover 2016 London, the guys from theCUBE sat down with Ken Won, Director of Cloud Solutions Marketing at HPE and Mark Jewett, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Cloud Platform at Microsoft. HPE announced the HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution at the end of September, and Won and Jewett took this opportunity to answer questions about the news.

Won began by giving some background about the HPE and Microsoft relationship regarding the Azure Stack solution. “We’re seeing a huge amount of interest in customers who want to deploy a hybrid type of environment. There’s a lot of interest in the public cloud, but there’s also a lot of interest in private cloud,” he explained. “So in this type of hybrid cloud environment, it’s important to have consistency between the two.”

Jewett agreed. “Some applications are not ready for the public cloud yet, so that became the basis of our strategy of being able to serve that dual environment…without introducing a ton of complexity.”

Won went on to explain that if someone wants to deploy an app in the public cloud and one into their private cloud, they usually must do some code changes to the underlying application in order for it to work. “What’s really exciting, is that the work we are doing with Microsoft in this Azure Stack hybrid environment, you can write once and deploy it to your Azure public cloud data center or on premises in your data center – no changes are needed,” Won continued. “This is a huge benefit for developers and from a deployment and maintenance standpoint.”

Jewett was asked by theCube about Microsoft’s decision to distribute Azure stack through partners with an integrated system deployment. Jewett replied, “We want to make sure that customers are successful deploying and updating those systems, so yes, HPE is a great example of a partner we are betting on to make sure that the systems arrive in a good state for the customer.”

In terms of partnerships, theCube wondered what HPE brought to the table compared with the other partners Microsoft is working with. According to Won, the HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution is built on the world’s best-selling server, a platform that has a track record of reliability and performance. To make this solution even better, HPE has enhanced the Azure Stack with additional tools that simplify security, operations, billing, services and support—providing the best-in-class Azure hybrid cloud experience.

Won said, “Today, most customers have a traditional IT environment that is fairly complex to manage. As you move to this hybrid IT world, you may have multiple cloud environments. Customers want consistent management across all of their hybrid IT environment.” He went on to say that the HPE Operations Bridge provides performance and availability monitoring along with predictive and proactive automated advisory capabilities, which greatly simplifies management.

Won also mentioned that security is a huge concern for customers as they move to the cloud. “We know customers want to provide consistent security policies across their traditional, private and public cloud environments.” HPE provides security add-ons such as HPE SecureData for Cloud, HPE ArcSight, HPE Application Defender and HPE Fortify that meet this need.  

Additionally, Won addressed the need for flexible financing as customers consume hybrid IT. With HPE Flexible Capacity, customers can instantly scale up or down to meet frequent demand changes. HPE also offers pay-as-you-go pricing, which means that no upfront capital is needed. Lastly, HPE provides customers with a single contract along with a single bill, which also makes everything easier.

For more details, check out the press release on the newly announced HPE | Microsoft Azure Stack solution. Or watch the entire interview below. And stay tuned for more videos and interviews out of the Discover 2016 London event.

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