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HPE and SUSE partner to get customers to the cloud faster



Patrick.Gartner.theCUBE.all.PNGAt the recent Discover 2016 in London, HPE and SUSE announced a strategic partnership that both companies believe will help make hybrid IT simpler for customers. SUSE will acquire select HPE OpenStack and HPE Stackato assets, and HPE will OEM SUSE OpenStack Cloud and the SUSE Cloud Foundry based PaaS solution. To give a behind-the-scenes look at what lead to the partnership, Bobby Patrick, Vice President of Cloud Marketing for HPE, and Bryant Gartner, Technical Director at SUSE, sat down at Discover with the guys from theCUBE.

“We’re really excited about our announcement, as it fits in our overall software shift,” explained Patrick. “Essentially we're shifting from code contributor to market maker. We’re bringing in customer-facing engineering, implementation and support, and then we’re partnering with SUSE to let them do the deep work with the code.”

According to Patrick, about nine months ago they reached an inflection point. “The HPE OpenStack software is now broadly deployed. And we realized that our biggest challenge is helping customers integrate it into their data centers. Now we will have feet on the street and a really strong technical support staff to do that.” He explained that this partnership will give HPE the resources they need to help customers get to the cloud faster. “We’ll focus on the hardest part – getting it implemented in their environment. Together, we want to accelerate the adoption of OpenStack.”

Gartner went on to clarify the announcement from SUSE’s point of view. “We're bringing the technology and also the talent over to our side to help us grow and take advantage of all of that learned knowledge to improve OpenStack even further and make the distribution even more available to enterprises.” 

By partnering with SUSE, HPE believes it will provide best-in-class OpenStack and Cloud Foundry based PaaS solutions that are simple to deploy into customer’s multi-cloud environments. “The product is getting very mature, and we want a quality preferred vendor that is going to maintain it and test it,” continued Patrick. “And we’re going to focus on getting it adopted in the market.”

He went on to discuss the growth of private cloud. “Seventy-nine percent of all workloads in Europe are going to private cloud in the next two years. And there’s really only one option when it comes to a private cloud platform for IaaS, and that’s OpenStack.”

Gartner agreed. “It’s definitely the de facto standard.”

During the interview, both Patrick and Gartner discussed the future of private, public and hybrid cloud. Patrick explained that he sees HPE’s role as helping businesses transform to a hybrid infrastructure, where they have the right platform for each application, workload and service. Providing this type of flexibility and ease-of-use will improve efficiency and make customers more productive.

For example, he believes CIOs need to move from focusing on operations to focusing more on development. “Our customers tell us that they currently are focused 80 percent on operations and 20 percent on development. In two years, that has to be flipped – they’ve got to be 20 percent ops and 80 percent dev. And that’s what our portfolio and our strategy delivers on.”

Patrick, Gartner theCUBE.PNG

Gartner agreed that SUSE is seeing the exact same trends in terms of businesses having more choice when they move to private, public and hybrid cloud models. “When we started doing OpenStack cloud, the IT groups would come to us and say that they wanted to be a service provider to their internal customers. They want to manage their own infrastructure so that their developers can do exactly what they want to do.”

Patrick concluded that HPE’s strategy is to bring together HPE technology with a broad ecosystem of open source and partner technologies to deliver private and public cloud environments. According to Patrick, when customers understand that, they get very excited. “Customers know that they can’t invest in everything, and they want help. So we’re doing just that; we’re picking the winners.”

With this announcement, HPE demonstrates their commitment to developing the next generation of hybrid cloud solutions, which combines HPE technology with a broad ecosystem of open source and partner technologies that support traditional and cloud native applications. HPE partners with some of the best in the industry, such as Mesosphere, Chef, VMWare, Puppet, Scality and Microsoft Azure.

To learn more, read the business white paper, HPE hybrid cloud strategy: uniquely partner-centricTo learn more about transforming to a hybrid infrastructure, click here. Check out the entire video interview with Patrick and Gartner on theCube below:


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