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HPE announces improved provisioning, compliance enhancements and new cost insights to HPE OneSphere



bigstock--184128622.jpgTransforming from a traditional environment to a digital organization often means your apps live in multiple data centers, across many clouds, and at the edge of your network. Hybrid cloud merges on-premises IT with public cloud to deliver many advantages, but it can also introduce new challenges in operational efficiency and multi-platform administration. A comprehensive, unified, hybrid-cloud management solution, like HPE OneSphere, helps alleviate these challenges.

Introduced earlier this year, HPE OneSphere is an as-a-Service hybrid-cloud management platform. Through a unified view in HPE OneSphere, IT operations and developers can compose hybrid clouds capable of supporting both traditional, virtualized, and cloud-native applications, while providing business executives the cost insights they need to make informed business decisions on their cloud utilization.

This week at HPE Discover Madrid 2018, HPE announced improved provisioning, compliance enhancements and new cost insights to HPE OneSphere, designed to give customers even more hybrid cloud management capabilities and drive greater simplicity across their hybrid-cloud estate. 

Delivering private cloud automation through enhanced provisioning

One of the new updates announced this week is the enhancement of the Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) capabilities, to enable IT to quickly provision Kubernetes clusters on AWS and on-premises VMware environments with just a few clicks. Fully functioning container deployments and microservices can now be deployed automatically to either public or private cloud environments, reducing complexity and inconsistency.  Furthermore, HPE OneSphere integrates with public and private repositories, automatically importing Helm charts deployable through the built-in catalog or APIs, hence increasing DevOps productivity and time-to-market for cloud native apps.

In addition, the introduction of a Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) through HPE OneView automation. This new capability, which will be available January 2019, gives IT Operations a simple approach to manage the allocation of bare metal services to ongoing projects across the enterprise, providing a standard interface to HPE infrastructure. 

Deeper information for line of business (LOB) execs with advanced cost insights

These new product enhancements also include customizable cost and utilization graphs, which are designed to provide IT, developers, and LOBs with greater insights into usage and spending, thus enabling them to make better business decisions. The update also includes improved visibility and accountability across hybrid cloud assets through a new tag discovery feature that allows users to use their existing tag structure from public clouds and import it directly into HPE OneSphere so they can create reports based on specific tags. Both of these features improve control and streamline the process of cost management across user groups, projects and departments.

Greater control of IT resources with increased compliance and governance features

Also announced this week are a set of new governance features for HPE OneSphere, including the option to implement policy-based access to applications and resources. This provides IT with the ability to assign and control cloud access for specific users and reduce risks through better visibility and access controls. In addition, HPE OneSphere can now provide basic compliance information of AWS and Azure environments, giving IT greater control of public cloud resources.

Since launching HPE OneSphere, HPE has been laser-focused on enhancing our hybrid cloud management platform -- one that exceeds the speed and agility today’s ITOps, developers, and business leaders need to drive their business forward without sacrificing governance and control. The recent updates to HPE OneSphere were designed around HPE’s vision of helping customers simplify processes and accelerate digital transformation across the entire business—changing how organizations of all sizes get their arms around their hybrid cloud resources.

HPE OneSphere customer, Magellan Robotech, a leading gaming and entertainment platform provider, has experienced first-hand the speed and simplicity HPE OneSphere can deliver to IT.

“The ability to deliver services quickly is essential in the rapidly developing e-sports market. HPE OneSphere provides a bridge across our legacy, current and future application stacks, enabling us to track resource consumption and costs, and allows developers to spin up their own resources in a matter of minutes and test multiple products at the same time,” according to Graham Banner, Head of IT Operations at Magellan Robotech.

To learn more about HPE OneSphere, visit the HPE website.

Wayland Jeong
HPE Software-Defined and Cloud Group,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Wayland Jeong

Wayland Jeong is the Vice President & General Manager for the Hybrid Cloud Business, Software-defined and Cloud Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

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